Mayor: Min Huei Huang


Master of Business Administration, National Chiayi University
Bachelor of Chinese, National Taiwan Normal University
Hung Jen Catholic Girls' High School
Chiayi Junior High School
Chiayi Municipal Chueiyang Elementary School



Work Experience:

Teacher of Taipei Municipal Zhong Shan Girls' High School
Representative of National Assembly
The fourth, fifth, sixth session Legislator
Mayor of Chiayi City


Administration Idea:

  1. Advance district development, establish Chaiyi as the tourism and consumption city in Yulin Chaiyi and Tainan Region.
  2. Promote Culture and Creative Industry, make a good use of Culture and Creative Industries Park and Chiayi Old Prison to build up a refined and innovation image of culture city.
  3. Construct traffic and safety network of city, reinforce the service quality of a modern city.
  4. Promote urban renovation and major municipal construction actively, such as levy Hu Tzi Nei section to transform feature and environment of the city.
  5. Deep plow through education and multi-innovation to upgrade soft power and competitiveness of the city.
  6. Strive for subsidy from central government and combine society resources to forge ahead the goal of international healthy city.
  7. Strive for opportunity to held big scale national activity and marketing the beauty of Chiayi; Industrialize Physical Education to promote development of local economy.
  8. Make arrangement of 2010 Taiwan Lantern Festival, 2011 International Band Festival to show the tourism and culture glamour of Chaiyi City.
  9. Develop Chiayi Intelligent Industrial Park to obtain an influx of high-tech manufacturers; integrate machinery, agriculture and food processing industry to increase working opportunity for flourishing local economy.
  10. Plan to build up Sport Leisure Park for providing a fine training place, and public will have an extra place to spend their leisure time.


Municipal Policies:

An international prospect: build up Chiayi City as Kyoto in Taiwan.


Six goals of municipal policy:

  1. energetic city: urban renovation, community transforming.
  2. efficient city: restructuring procedure, e-service.
  3. safe city: community networks for children and woman's safety.
  4. prosperous city: consumption center, distinctive shopping area.
  5. friendly city: reciprocal trust and affection, humanistic concern.
  6. beautiful city: cultural art, city marketing.


Eight strategies of municipal policy:

  1. environmental sanitation: exalt the quality of medical treatment, sustain ecological environment.
  2. urban administration: incorruptible and convenient municipal service for the public.
  3. society security: relieved, secure, healthy.
  4. industrial upgrade: increase working opportunities for the public.
  5. educational culture: sound personality, culture heritage.
  6. flourishing business: consumption center in Yulin Chaiyi and Tainan Region.
  7. Traffic construction: convenient traffic networks.
  8. social welfare: love and care.