Civil Affairs Bureau
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Duty Descriptions
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  1. To solidify the foundation organization of village to prosecute rooted policy down
    (1)to organize and compile synthetic business of district officesaffairs
    (2)to organize affairs and management seminars for village officers to enhance perforing efficiency.
    (3)to elect and wrap outstanding village heads and administrative staff
    (4)to handle village officersjob descriptions and welfare.
  2. to supervise and evaluate the matters that the district offices are responsible for.
    (1) to regularly organize lecturing training and sociable events for village heads.
    (2)to enhance the implementation of mutual aid jobs.
    (3)to proclaim the idea of fire prevention.
    (4)to enhance the function of district gathering.
    (5)to organize notification training of casualty lookup.
  3. dealing with compartmentation of administrative districts and modification of village & neighborhood organization structure
  4. Enhancing cultural communion of sister cities to reinforce citizen diplomacy and to enhance international friendship.
  5. Promoting law-aid service to assist the public solving any questions regarding law.
  6. Enhancement of living counseling to aboriginal people who live in the city as well as care of their rights
  7. to organize seminar, evaluation meeting, and intermediating administration business regarding intermediation
  8. to unite election affairs of official positions election
  9. to communicate, compile, and propose for administrative business of the official institutes
  10. to turn out council affairs of performance meetings

Civil Affairs Bureau