Civil Affairs Bureau
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Duty Descriptions
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Business and Ventures Section Household Registration Section

  1. to organize the ceremonies for the revolutionary predecessors and martyr to being listed in Martyry every Spring and Fall seasons.
  2. to organize groundbreaking ceremony on the day of Confucius nascence on September 28 of every year.
  3. environment maintenance and repair to Confucisu temple and Martyry.
  4. to hold group wedding for citizens.
  5. to organize manhood activities.
  6. to counsel and manage religious groups of the city.
  7. to clarify, verify, and supervise land cleaning of solemnity industry
  8. Audit and compilation of Chiayi City Records
  9. good-mannered exercise proclaim and sweeping smoking & drug proclamation of June 3.
  10. To improve the civil funerary customs, setting up official funerary masters and volunteers, training and supervising funerary master and volunteer affairs of the district office.
  11. to correct unhealthy civil customs.

Civil Affairs Bureau