Building Administration Section

1.Section includes 1 Section Chief, 3 Technicians, 1 Secretary and 2 Temporary Staffs.

2.Arranging building permits, construction management and Construction Industry registration and management.

Building Permits

1.Authorize building license and building design modification.

2.Authorize license and modification permits of Building Usage.

3.Issue miscellaneous licenses.

4.Issue demolition licenses.

5.Issue temporary construction and usage of public facility reservations.

6.Issue licenses of alterations or construction additions of remaining base of demolished
  Public facilities.

7.Reissue legal houses usage license.

8.Authorize the change of proprietor, supervision and constructor.

9.Reissue lost construction license

10.Appoint construction lines to existing alleys.


Construction Management

1.Approving constructing commence report.

2.Authorize extension of construction commence and completion date.

3.Approve facilities’ graphical instructions of construction safety.

4.Random construction examination.

5.Road usage permits of construction.

6.House hazard Improvement notification. 


Registration and Management of Construction Industry 

1.Registration of new construction firm establishment.

2.Registration multiple changes of construction industry



1.Approval of Architect business opening registration.

2.Approval of merging fractional public land.

3.Mediation combined usage of fractional land.

4.Mediation of construction disputes.

5.Manage and regulate materials stack field and surplus earth/rock of construction project

6.Approval of legal space for construction base.

7.Answering questions related to Chiayi City building regulations.。