Mayor  Ming-hui Huang


Master of Business Administration, National Chiayi University
B.A., Department of Chinese, National Taiwan Normal University
Hung Jen Catholic Girls’ High School
Chiayi Municipal Junior High School
Chui Yang Elementary School
Zheng Yi Kindergarten

Professional Experience

Teacher of Zhongshan Girls High School
Delegate to the 3rd National Assembly
Legislator of the 4th, 5th and 6th Legislative Yuan
The 7th, 8th and 10th Chiayi City Mayor
Director of Special Olympics, Chinese Taipei
Director of Development Association of Chiayi City Community Universities
Honorary Director of Chiayi City Chamber of Commerce
Boardman of Academic Foundation of National Chung Cheng University
Advisory Member of China Youth Corps Committee
Deputy Chairman of KMT
Acting Chairman of KMT


Mayor Huang’s Administrative Ideas

1.To Fulfill “Economy 5 + 1", and to build Chiayi City into “New Shopping Center in  Western Taiwan"。

2.A boost to the tourism industry of Chiayi City, and the project of sponsoring visitors to Chiayi City promotion。

3.Chiayi City development as Xinyi District, invitation OUTLET to station, and Wenhua Rd. Shopping Area renovation as Ximending。

4.E-payment promotion for Chiayi City as an example city of e-business。

5.Chiayi City Library and West District Public Stadium construction。

6.Sixth Parking Lot Expropriation and Reconstruction into a parking tower to solve parking issue in Wenhua Rd. Shopping Area。

7.Chiayi City Art Gallery optimization, eco-friendly transportation and network build with tourism area。

8.Public Health Internet build and “Long-term 2.0" execution to create City of healthy elders and the elderly care。

9.Education for kids first: to lower the number of students in each class and to increase the number of teachers annually for cultivation of worldwide competitive talents。

10.To found “City Government Youth Counseling Team" for listening to the voices of the youth and for encouraging them to take part in the public politics。

11.To found Chiayi City Start-up Base for providing service of start-up education。

12.Park 2.0 adoption to topicalize city gardens and large parks and to specialize playgrounds in community parks。

13.To found City Aesthetic Office to practice the construction; re-discussion over plot ratio pf buildings to enhance the usage for an area。

14.To found New Immigrant Affair Committee to fulfill policies such as life support, medical support and job right protection。

15.To found Animal Welfare Special Committee for upgrading animal shelters and improve adoption system。


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