Mayor: Shiing Jer Twu

Educational Background
Ph.D., University of California Los Angeles, School of Public Health
M.S., National Taiwan University, Institute of Preventive Medicine
M.D., National Taiwan University, College of Medicine
National Chiayi Senior High School
Chiayi Municipal Chiayi Junior High School
Chiayi Municipal Chongwun Elementary School
Work Experience
Director-general, Public Health Bureau, Taipei City Hall
Minister, Centers for Disease Control, Ministry of Health and Welfare
Minster, Ministry of Health and Welfare
National Policy Advisor, Office of the President, Republic of China (Taiwan)
Legislator, 7th Stage, The Legislative Yuan of Republic of China (Taiwan)
Mayor of Chiayi City Government



Objective: Change Chiayi


City of Youth Entrepreneurship- Job Creating, Attracting Youth
Chiayi City, a service-oriented city, cannot effectively meet the needs of the population increase over the years and has seen a vicious cycle of population outflow. Chiayi City should consider industrial restructuring and changing the production structure in order to improve the overall economy of the city. The city will strive to Introducing knowledge-based economy structure, keeping youth population in Chiayi City and proposing the idea of Youth Entrepreneurship Park.

City of Health and Longevity- Creating Employment Opportunities
Increase the population of Chiayi City, create more employment opportunities. Implement urban planning policy as a mean to develop health industry to promote the idea of healthy living and longevity.

City of Food Safety and Health- Promoting Food Safety and Establishing Food Safety Commission
Build a sense of trust by recognizing trustworthy food producers and retailers. Promote Chiayi City as City of Food Safety and Health.

City of Citizens Participation- Involving Everyone in City Policy
Referendum is the most direct mean of getting public opinion. Referendum topics are carried out by the government, planned by the experts, and determined and examined by public referendum, making Chiayi City the city of democracy.


The Four Arrows of Chiayi City Policy


First Arrow: Restructuring City Planning of Chiayi City.

End Party Opposition, Start City Planning

  1. Combine strategies of sustainable territory development.
  2. Increase land values, prevent city chaos.
  3. Encourage manufacturers to set up corporate headquarters.
  4. Create distinguished districts, improve quality of living.
  5. Promote economic, social, spatial transformation of Chiayi City.

Make Use of Urban Renewal, Renovate Front and Back of Train Station

  1. Transform urban landscape and street blocks, start planning of Chuiyang Rd. makeover.
  2. Build Wenhua tourist night market district and district of military dependents.
  3. Plan Alishan tea cultural street, coffee street, old town trails, etc.

Balance East and West district, develop Chiayi City as a whole.

  1. Construct art galleries, recreate the glory of art city.
  2. Establish Youth Creativity Industrial Park.
  3. Makeover of parks.

Cooperate with Other Cities and Counties, Create Prosperity Together.

  1. Promote Greater Alishan Tourist Area
  2. Resource integration of Chiayi City and County to promotion tourism and marketing.
  3. Research and development center in Chiayi City.
  4. Manufacturing center in Chiayi County.


Second Arrow: Transportation System Planning

Implement the Plan of Elevated Railway, Consolidate Terminal Station Functions.

  1. Prioritize budget planning, coordinate with central government to start the construction as soon as possible.
  2. Evaluate the use of land surrounding the train station.

Remove BRT Lanes on Chuiyang Rd. to Create Safer Road for Drivers.

  1. Recover motorcycle lanes.
  2. Create traffic control center.
  3. Plan public transportation network system.
  4. Establish public transportation and development center of Chiayi City.

Establish Bike Lane System in the City, Making Chiayi City a Bicycle Friendly City.

  1. Encourage general public to ride bike over motorcycle.
  2. Create smart-bike system.
  3. Set up bike rental system.
  4. Organize cycling competition.


Third Arrow: Create Healthy Communities and Promote Longevity.

Establish Satellite Communities to Promote Longevity, Create More Employment Opportunities.

  1. Set up health industry research center, encourage manufacturers to set up corporate headquarters.
  2. Import TMO (Town Management Organization) to create a mechanism.
  3. Provide health, education, social welfare and other health care jobs.
  4. Satellite Community aims to create fifty thousand people in population.
  5. Industries are expected to increase revenue by 20%.
  6. Create featured district between Yunlin County, Chiayi County and Chiayi City.

Build Happy Residential Communities.

  1. Attract families with elderly to move to Chiayi City.
  2. Promote green building and accessible space design.
  3. Construct residential housing for sale or rental for general public and elderly.
  4. Plan public space underground pipeline.
  5. Provide guidance for community, district and town and business building.

Make Full Use of Medical Resources.

  1. Comprehensive inventory check of medical resources.
  2. Electric bus services within the community.
  3. Establish day care services and nursing home.
  4. Organize health seminars and health living counseling plan.

Increase the Amount of Pension Plans.

  1. People who reside in Chiayi City for more than 3 months.
  2. Aged 65 to 79 years, NT $5,000 per person.
  3. Aged 80 to 89 years, NT $6,000 per person.
  4. Aged 90 to 99 years, NT $9,000 per person.
  5. Aged over 100 years, NT $12,000 per person


Fourth Arrow: Construction of “Food Security” Capital

Set up a “Food Safety Committee”

  1. Chiayi City to cultivate a professionally certified analysis laboratory
  2. Promoting autonomous regulations for food education
  3. Follow the example of Japan to promote agricultural education on campus
  4. According to local characteristics, establishment of food safety defense is top priority
  5. Launch the “Supply of local ingredients” plan

Strict control, source management

  1. Require the food industry to provide added substance list
  2. Regulating declaration of new food listings by setting approval methods
  3. All foods are subjected to random testing, where time and place are never predetermined
  4. Increased fines for breaching food safety, and increased rewards for those who report a violation

Establish a "class action" claims platform

  1. Assist victims claims (encompasses people, vendors)
  2. Assisted by the City’s class action


I will be the guardian protecting the happiness of women and children


A. Happiness for Pregnant Women

  1. Maternity allowance: Membership allowed for Chiayi pregnant mothers to apply for an "infant nutrition grant", starting at $8,000 NTD for one child, $18,000 NTD for twins, $30,000 NTD for triplets or more.
  2. Parenting Class: Dr. Tu believes that the power of knowledge is more important than funding. In addition to providing grants, with the help of health experts, pregnant mothers should be taught how to properly take care of the fetus. In addition, men should be taught how to become a good father and help take care of their pregnant wives. The municipal government organized the follow support classes – "Good Mother Class", "Good Father Class", "Confinement Counseling" and other health education programs.

B. Happy Parenting Community

  1. Promotion of community babysitter system: the city should train more professional nannies into the community, and to assist grandparents get parental knowledge and babysitting licenses which will allow them to learn more modern and scientific way to take care of the grandchildren, and to receive government grants. Our future will be community-based with an established and comprehensive system of child care services.
  2. Creating friendly environment for children: The public parks and playgrounds of Chiayi City were designed to be safe and clean, focusing on eliminating potential health and safety hazards such as germs and sharp corners. We plan to increase the quantity of play areas in parks hoping to make it easier and more convenient for parents to take their children out. Furthermore, it is important to improve the environment around breastfeeding and nursing rooms to be friendlier.
  3. Increase the number of nonprofit kindergartens: The government will provide space and equipment while the nursery is operated by non-profit groups, so that parents simply burden "cost price" and the government will subsidize 30% of the fee.
  4. Build more "community parenting halls": Increase the number of paternity halls in order to strengthen the provision of early childhood education, parental guidance, resources, links and other resources.

C. Excellent career results in a happy family

  1. Promote gender equality in the workplace: First, close the gap between power, decision-making and influence between men and women of Chiayi City. A director shall be appointed to establish the sensitivity of gender equity, the ratio of guys to girls should be no less than 1/3 and vice versa. Constructing gender friendly city: On the other hand, the following will also be enforced – the elimination of gender discrimination, promotion of gender equality in the workplace, improvement of Gender Equity Laws. Furthermore, the number of appeals cases are too low, thus, an improved plan to ensure the implementation of labor-friendly appeal pipes will be established. Lastly, violators of the law will have their institution or owner’s name announced at least once on a quarterly basis.
  2. Implementation of the "retention-feeding" and "nursing flexible working hours" policy: parents with children under the age of 3 may apply for a three-year parental leave without pay allowances and child-care flexible working hours; both male and female employees are eligible to apply to encourage men to participate in the division of labor. However, private enterprises are mostly not yet implemented, but will slowly be implemented into this policy in order to create loving and happy families.
  3. Create a friendly environment for "new residents": Respect the differences of cultural diversity to help new residents and family members to learn from the various cultures and customs within Chiayi City.
  4. Constructing gender friendly city: it is important to protect people’s safety and to reduce gender specific discrimination and violence, such as providing "the female taxi lanes at night." Furthermore, the implementation of the special situation of the family assistance regulations, such as single parents and emergency life support for physically abused women. Support will be provided by social workers where they will be handling each unique case with extra attention.

D. Medical care and health education

  1. Actively promote the health and care for a gender friendly environment: for example, mammography, pap smears and other women’s cancer screening procedures.
  2. Women's health and disease research: Chiayi City is rich in health care resources and should be the first line of medical research including women’s health and disease research.
  3. Strengthen gender awareness and equity of health policy: Explore topics of sex education from a positive point of view, to enhance the female body and sexual autonomy and to avoid sexually transmitted diseases and unintended pregnancy.
  4. Preventive medicine and care: Develop integrated health care services, especially for the female, in various stages of an individual’s life. Integration of Chiayi city government and medical resources based on preventive medicine concept, actively promote various health information and provide effective public health care for women.

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