2018 Chiayi City Government New Year's Day Flag Raising Ceremony



January 2, 2018

Civil Affairs Department


Chiayi City Government -The first day of 2018, Chiayi City Government  held a New Year's Day Flag Raising Ceremony at 7 a.m. in front of the City Hall. Chiayi City Lion Boy’s Scout acted as the flagman with Hongren Girls' Choir, which is composed of many aboriginal Zhou people, sang the newly designed national anthem while Jiahua High School was next playing and singing national flag song. Mayor Tu Shingzhe and his company attended to the ceremony together with the public welcoming a healthy and energetic year. Small flag were fluttering lively and spectacular scenes.


The ceremony started with the melodious singing of the ancient ballad "Ho me ya ya" in Zhou language, as a pious prayer of ancestors slowly drifted into the sky. After  the instrument introduced the theme of the national anthem, it narrated the difficult history of the Republic of China and modernized song writing The "God of the Tsou" interspersed from time to time, collided with more diversity and brilliant belonging to this land.


The mayor's speech expresses the mixed national song of the Zhou songs, which shows the multi-ethnic culture of Chiayi City. In 1931, the Chiayi Agriculture and Forestry Baseball Team, also because of the integration of Han, Aboriginal and Japanese nationals, displayed the spirit of solidarity and expedition to Japan's Koshien and achieved the reputation of "Caring for the World." We look forward to this new national anthem to Chiayi City and bring the encouragement to Taiwan. Let us embrace hope for the New Year.


The mayor said that over the past few years, Chiayi City Government has worked hard to launch a number of major projects that have been delayed for many years such as cargo transfer centres, sewage sewers and water resource centres. Railway Track Elevation will be completed by the end of the year and the municipal government will create a vision museum to invite the public to describe together future dream blueprint to flip Chiayi City. Many existing policies and the efforts to start a new look into the 26th year of the band music festival not only to enhance. In addition, community corner tours that the cultural and arts were promoted throughout the city. The country's first hospital-based health screening in this year has reached overall service satisfaction as high as 95.2% of the number of participants Up to 18,631 people, breaking new highs in the calendar year.


The mayor pointed out that in the coming year, the municipal government team will work harder, under the supervision and support of the legislature, hoping to make the children grow up happily and young people are brave enough to start their own business. Organization revision has been completed; the future will create a modern and intelligent city of Chiayi City.Celebrating 2018, Tu mayor painted the public with the great health exercises, out of the new beginning of youthful vitality, but also for the event a successful conclusion.



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