Run for all health, combined with important holiday safety maintenance and crime prevention advocacy


Run for all health, combined with important holiday safety maintenance and crime prevention advocacy

Date of issue: 2018.2.8 Department: Police Bureau

Chiayi City police station first branch Zhuyuan police station in view of the Spring Festival period near, especially on the eve of the Spring Festival in conjunction with the jurisdiction ofsports goods company in the near future to run the national road running 107 years to promote important holiday safety maintenance work, road run day In total, more than 4,000 people attended the event. Zhuyuan police station took the opportunity to step up publicity of important holiday safety precautions and various crime prevention concepts. Apart from being led by police station directors and police volunteers , But also do not forget to participate in road runners come on cheering, hoping to make everyone feel better through the cooperation between police and people during the Spring Festival.


    Since Taiwan started the trend of "running all the country crazy", it has turned the "professional sports" that only athletes can attend into a healthy activity for which all the people can participate. Chiayi City police station first branch Chuk Yuen police station during the holiday, by the jurisdiction of the 228 park around the run by the road run activities in the venue set up propaganda crime prevention propaganda booth, combined with the police station volunteers to jointly promote the latest Anti-fraud and anti-robbery, anti-theft information and give a small gift for cheerleaders; also take this opportunity to publicize this year to strengthen the focus of important holiday safety maintenance, "107 years of important holiday safety maintenance will be February 8 22 Starting at 24 o'clock on the 22nd, for a period of 15 days. "This work is centered on the three major tasks of" smooth running of law and order, smooth traffic and public peace of mind ". At the same time, we will enhance crime detection and prevention, maintain smooth traffic and meet the needs of the general public. In accordance with the characteristics of the area, careful planning of the maintenance of public security, transportation and service for the people; set up during the work of the mobile police station to provide people with their families go out and safeguards and other security maintenance services, and to strengthen co-search for missing families return home; meeting by Director Yan Yan led the colleagues and police volunteers attended the public together to strengthen publicity anti-fraud advocacy and residential home anti-theft and other prevention New concept of crime; Apart from cheering up the audience by giving away a small gift, they also conducted "anti-theft", "anti-robbery", "fraud prevention" and "anti-drug" Hoping to use this method of advocacy as a way to raise the alertness of the people against fraud and to explain to the public how to prevent fraudulent measures in order to prevent people's hard earned savings from being defrauded. Many older persons would most likely choose to go out in the morning Exercise, go out during exercise should pay attention to wearing bright bright clothing to protect their own safety, but also to protect the traffic safety of other passers-by traffic; if the public encounter difficulties in urgent need of assistance, please call 110 or 119 and the police station 05-2356144 phone, Police will promptly send staff members to assist in handling the incident. In addition to urging the public to pay attention to the precautionary measures mentioned above, the director will also make announcements to the residents with the theme of "household visits to senior citizens and friendly police service" and make the public vigilant We hope that people and the police work together to protect the law and order and protect their own safety and that the police and the people work together to create a good social order of security. Make this event more meaningful.


    Chiayi City, the first branch of police station Chuk Yuen, director of the police station Dajin Jin said that in view of the endless stream of crime, especially since the recent new fraud has caused many losses of public property, the use of this large-scale road run to promote the latest anti-fraud message Letting the public feel that it is quite practical for the police to provide new information in time so as to enable residents to be more vigilant and guard against fraud. Let the public be able to absorb the notion of preventing various crimes while in motion and through their good interaction with the public so as to achieve the result of crime prevention. Together, we can create a peace of mind, a smooth traffic flow and an intimate service. Beautiful Cerro city, Chiayi City Police Station Branch Chuk Yuen care about you.

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