Huang Miao-Xiu, Director of Alishan Forest Railway and Cultural Heritage Office, Shared “Alishan Forest Railway – Hibernation and Transformation”


August 14, 2019

Personnel Department/ Tourism and Information Department


     Alishan, which contains abundant natural resources, is Mother of Chiayi. The Forest Railway is like an umbilical cord which nourishes Chiayi City, a city of tourism with cultural a background. Today, Mayor Huang Ming-Hui invited Huang Miao-Xiu, Director of Alishan Forest Railway and Cultural Heritage Office, and the staff of City Government to share the moment of “Alishan Forest Railway – Hibernation and Transformation”. Director Huang’s speech drew the applause from the audience. She mentioned, in the speech, that she came to realize the fact along with the Forest Railway that we Taiwanese couldn’t underestimate ourselves because this small Taiwan has plentiful treasures. For example, Alishan Forest Railway is a worldwide-known precious gem. We have to stick to what is right.

        Being touched, Mayor Huang agreed with the speech. ‘People of Chiayi must know the story of Alishan Forest Railway.’ she says. ‘The Forest Railway is like an umbilical cord which nourishes Chiayi City.’ There are Hinoki Village, Chiayi Old Prisons, Municipal Museum, and Cultural Affairs Bureau around Beimen Station of Alishan Forest Railway. Wood industry not only made Chiayi City prosperous, but resulted in the art and culture developed in the city. Thus, Chiayi City has become the only city in Taiwan of wood and painting. The features of wood industry and the forest railway will be maintained and more people could see the beauty of Chiayi City and Forest Railway.

        ‘City Government keeps collaborating with Alishan Forest Railway and Cultural Heritage Office to promote the charms of Chiayi City and the Forest Railway.’ says Mayor Huang. ‘The Hinoki Train of Forest Railway is the spotlight of Spring Travel Program released by Chiayi City. People can travel around Chiayi in a “royal carriage” full of hinoki fragrance.’ This July, Alishan Forest Railway and Cultural Heritage Office sent the steam locomotive SL-21 back to Chiayi Garage for repair. The moment of that SL-21 dragged by a diesel locomotive met SL-25 and SL-32 locomotives in Beimen Station left a record in the history. It was important and precious to Taiwan.

        Director Huang told the audience the story of Alishan Forest Railway from the organization readjustment. A simple forest railway is now worldwide-known due to the establishment of Alishan Forest Railway and Cultural Heritage Office.

        Director Huang is conversant with the story and features of Forest Railway. She said the way how Alishan Forest Railway is made and run was one of the wonders of the world. Alishan Forest Railway crawls upon a winding way with numerous tunnels. That is the reason why many famous railways in other countries such as Switzerland, Japan, and Slovakia became our sister railways.

        Director Huang appreciates Mayor Huang for having SL-21 Steam Locomotive return to where it belongs. SL-21 is the first high power train which weighs 28 tons, and it makes the capacity of a train for mountain climbing. Alishan Forest Railway and Cultural Heritage Office has expended 12 million dollars on its repair, which is estimated to be done next year.

        Director Huang also shared a story of the collaboration with some companies and the preservation of the wood making factory. It made people living in Chiayi know more about Alishan forestry and the history, and thus have a connection with it. In the process of registering the Forest Railway as a world heritage, she found that there were many people caring about steam locomotives and the culture of Alishan Forestry. She also realized that we Taiwanese couldn’t look down on ourselves because Alishan Forest Railway is one of the worldwide-known treasures. Everyone has to have faith and work hard on making the world see us.

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