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Chiayi City Anti-drug Esports Championship2022-06-30
Chiayi City’s 1st fair for young business starters to gain practical experience2022-06-29
“GenFURation” – Chiayi City to build as an animal-friendly city2022-06-29
City of Wood – Jen-long Chen’s teacher-student joint exhibition2022-06-16
Mayor Ming-hui Huang awarded 5-star mayor by Global Views Monthly2022-06-10
Family trip to Chiayi City on Dragon Boat Festival – 4 main themed trips to enjoy2022-06-07
Chiayi City mayor Ming-hui Huang gains 5 stars, Chiayi City ranked top2022-05-31
“Small City, Big Change” – Collaboration from different fields to create the city brand2022-05-30
Mayor Ming-hui Huang cheers for examinees while inspecting Covid-19 restrictions2022-05-25
“Houyi Community – Talent Field of Community Development Base” winning the Yuan Ye Awards 20222022-05-19
Stories in Bloom – serial events for International Museum Day of Chiayi City 20222022-05-18
“A Trip of Culture in Chiayi City” – Pencak Silat, Mexican food and Indonesian Batik2022-05-11
Inauguration of turf soccer field for futsal in Yuren Elementary School 2022-05-05
Old house transforming into house of story – Inauguration of the Story House of Fukoo Preschool2022-04-29
Opening for presentation at Vision Station – Development for West District2022-04-28
Old soul with a new life : building New Ertong with power of cultural heritage2022-04-28
Jing Jhong Elementary School publishes book of science painting2022-04-21
Lan Tan Junior High celebrates 60th anniversary – Ming-hui Huang the mayor shows up to congratulate2022-04-19
Huang inspects reconstruction of Dongyi Road and Lushan Bridge2022-04-11
First hybrid image themed anti-drug exhibition in Chiayi City 2022-04-08