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The Creative and Simple Crafts in Chiayi and the Congratulations from Mayor Huang to the Newly Open 2020-03-25
The Awards of the Photo and Pyrography Contests for the Band Festival, which Represents Chiayi City 2020-03-18
Mayor Min-hui Huang Invites You to the Chiayi International Art Doc Film Festival 20202020-03-13
The Exquisite “Manhattanhenge” Will Show Up in Chiayi City during the 10 to the 12 of March for Only2020-03-11
Loophole Is Not Allowed during the Epidemic Prevention, and Chiayi City Conducts the Advocacy toward2020-03-11
Chiayi City Has Releases a New Tourism Program and Hotels Offer Different Discounts2020-03-02
The Traditional One-Year-Old Catch Brings Blessings from Chenghuang and Wenchang for Children2020-02-27
A Man, 71 from Australia, Shows Kind and Warm Heart While Graving the Stone Weighing 3 Tons2020-02-18
Nagase Masatoshi, the KANO Coach, Has Become the Chiayi City Tourism Spokesman and Mayor Huang 2020-02-17
The Fair for Chiayi City Wooden Life Festival Reveals the Creativities and Connection to Wooden Life2020-02-11
Chiayi City Elementary and Junior High Principal Conference for the 2nd Term of 2019 School Year 2020-02-10
Required Procedures Has Been Taken for the Epidemic Control amongst Infant Schools2020-02-07
The Coordination of the Central and Local Governments Is Needed to Face the Severe Epidemic of Wuhan2020-02-03
Chiayi City New Year Shopping Event Kicks Off from Today, and Mayor Huang Min-hui Will Give Away the2020-01-21
The Intelligent Dietitians Came Up with Creative Stickers Which Instruct People to Stay Healthy duri2020-01-21
For the First Chiayi City New Year Concert, Chiayi City Youth Orchestra Collaborates with Koji Moris2020-01-14
Showing Equality, Chiayi City Government Gave Away Chinese New Year Welfares2020-01-13
Matthew O’Connor, Kaohsiung Branch Chief of American Institute in Taiwan visited Huang Ming-hui, Chi2020-01-09
Chiayi City as the Destination, Mayor Huang Ming-hui Welcomed the Group of the “Blessing to Taiwan, 2020-01-07
Mayor Huang Ming-hui Congratulates Alishan Forest Railway and Cultural Heritage Office on the Reloca2019-12-27