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Splendid Performances Given by National Taiwan Normal University and Taipei Fuhsing Private School2019-12-25
Marching Carnival of Chiayi City International Band Festival 2019 on December 21, Music Arises for t2019-12-25
The 37th Taiwan Glue Painting Exhibition2019-12-19
200-Day Countdown to the Annular Eclipse Next Year, the Best Spot for Observation is in Chiayi City,2019-12-18
Students Experienced Taking a Bus for Traffic Safety Propaganda2019-12-13
The Marching Carnival for 2019 Chiayi City International Band Festival Kicks Off on December 212019-12-11
The “Lucky Charm” Prevents You from Getting Lost, Chiayi City Promises2019-12-09
Fragrances of Tea and Wood Diffuses in the Air, the Opening Ceremony of Tea Life Festival in Chiayi Wood Factory2019-12-07
Exhibition of Calligraphy and Ink Wash Paintings Organized by Chiayi City Cultural Affairs Association2019-12-04
Seasonal Flowers Festival, A Place for Families to Relax and Appreciate the Beauty of Flowers2019-11-29
With Intense Training and Aces for Jhu-luo Shan Tournament, Chuei-yang Elementary School Will Never Fail2019-11-26
Promotion Clip of Chiayi City International Band Festival 20192019-11-25
2,500 People Went Hiking during Chiayi Senior Hiking Event for Health2019-11-24
Uniform Changing of the Band Allows the World to Notice Chiayi City2019-11-21
“Uninang Joint Harvest Festival 2019” for the Indigenous Peoples in Chiayi City2019-11-16
The First Platform on Net Which Connects Services Based on Hotels Is in Chiayi2019-11-11
The Adelaide Giants Enjoyed Trying Turkey Rice in the Night Market and It Is Now Traveling Season in Chiayi City2019-11-11
Have Fun Watching Baseball Games and Listening to Music in Chiayi City during November and December and Check Out the Released Video for Band Festival2019-11-06
Chiayi City Multicultural Event 2019 “The Heart Settles in the New Home of Chiayi” for Migrants Day2019-11-03
The Prize Goes Up to Ten Thousand Dollars for Winning Multimedia Competition “Vitality Rebuild for Painting City in Chiayi”2019-10-30