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Families of Newcomers to Chiayi Took a Half-Day Trip to Southern Branch of the National Palace Museum2019-08-25
“The 4th Chiayi Road Running Marathon Charity 2019” Kicks Off and Mayor Huang Ming-Hui Supports It with Her Affirmation2019-08-22
Mayor Huang Ming-Hui Attended the Opening Ceremony “Dance with Dragons” of Wei Chuan Dragons2019-08-17
Huang Miao-Xiu, Director of Alishan Forest Railway and Cultural Heritage Office, Shared “Alishan Forest Railway – Hibernation and Transformation”2019-08-14
“Multi-cultural Summer Camp – Cultures, Food, and Having Fun” Mayor Huang Ming-Hui: Talk, Know More, and Appreciate the Differences2019-08-12
Anne Kang, a Province Councilor of Canada, Came to Chiayi for Turkey Rice2019-08-10
Three Steps for Dengue Fever Prevention Reward: Self-Awareness of the Symptoms, Self-Report, and Receive Diagnosis to Confirm2019-08-07
The Reappearance of Koshien Final in 1931, NCYU vs. Chukyo University Baseball Exchange Game Takes Off2019-08-04
Lighting Up Chiayi City, Demonstration of Urban Intelligent Street Lights Which Connects Tourism, Industries, and Technology2019-07-31
Inspection by Control Yuan on Historical Relic Museum J18, Chiayi City2019-07-29
The Children of Pineapple Community Summer Camp Visited City Government and Interviewed Mayor Huang Ming-Hui as Journalists2019-07-26
CPR Emergency Medical Lesson to Enhance People’s Skills of Saving Others2019-07-25
“To Drug or Not to Drug – Anti-Drug Mobile Museum” Exposition: Mayor Huang Ming-Hui Says, ‘Make Chiayi City a City with No Drugs’2019-07-24
SL-21 Steam Locomotive Went Back Home for Repairing and Mayor Huang Ming-Hui Hopes It Will Be Running in Alishan Railway Again2019-07-23
On Behalf of Chiayi City, Min-Sheng Junior High Baseball Team Is Going to Attend the International Invitational Game in Miyazaki, Japan. Mayor Huang Ming-Hui Encourages the Team by Gifting a Flag and Appreciates the Sponsor of Chenghuang Temple2019-07-22
Nice Prince Hotel Releases Discount Programs for the Tourism Policies Made by Mayor Huang2019-07-19
“Chiayi Children’s Arts Carnival 2019” Has Been Postponed2019-07-18
“Chiayi Children’s Arts Carnival 2019” Kicks Off This Weekend and Mayor Ming-Hui Huang Wants Everyone to Take a Flight on the Hot Air Balloon in Chiayi2019-07-17
Capsule Toys, Scouts and Electricity-generating Cars: Science 168 Is Incredible No Matter It Is Outside or Inside the Venue2019-07-15
Mayor Huang Ming-Hui Encourages Everyone to Support “Worldwide Moment in Chiayi” by Action2019-06-20