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Chiayi International Beer Half Marathon 2019 Kicks Off on Jun.92019-04-25
Smart Application Class Number as the Top 1, Mayor Huang Ming-Hui Promotes Free Civil Computer Lessons2019-04-23
The Inauguration of Shixian Library, Mayor Huang Min-Hui and Kids Had Fun with Technology Experience2019-04-21
Spring Trip in Chiayi City Allows You to Take Hinoki-Carriage Train and Have Chances to Get a Car and a Presidential Suite2019-04-18
Construction Can’t Stop! Mayor Huang Ming-Hui Keeps Chiayi City Railway Elevation Going2019-04-12
Promotions in Schools Are Conducted for Soil and Groundwater Conservation2019-04-11
Flame Lighting Ceremony for Chiayi City Athletic Meet 2019, Mayor Huang Ming-Hui: Commercial Opportunities Follow after Sport Events2019-04-08
Chiayi City 2019 Mayor’s Cup Putting Green Tournament Starting, Mayor Huang Ming-Hui Wishes Everyone Could Have a Good Performance2019-04-07
Mayor Huang Ming-Hui Celebrates Children’s Day in Advanced by Accompanying Wufeng Kindergarten to Take Bus Line 662019-04-01
Chiayi City Arts Festival 2019 kicks off during Mar.29 to Apr.28. Mayor Huang says, Fantasies and Art Are All in Chiayi2019-03-27
Cute Miniature Horses Will Initiate Serial activities of Happiness Hakka Tung Blossom Festival in Chiayi City on Mar.302019-03-26
National Intercollegiate Athletic Games, Runners from CCU Passes Torches from Chiayi2019-03-25
Hung Jen High School Will Pay a Visit to Austria for Music and Cultural Exchange with Sacré Cɶur2019-03-18
Representatives of Australian, Czech and French Offices Attended the Magnificent Opening Ceremony of CIADFF2019-03-15
Energy to a Community: The Training for Volunteers of Elder Cares2019-03-14
Activation of Yun Jia Jia Nan Regional Information Security, Mayor Huang Says that What Should Be Done Has to Be Done Correctly and Perfectly2019-03-11
Super MINI Taiwan in Chiayi, Mayor Huang Min-Hui Acknowledges the Fans for Organizing a Charity Event2019-03-10
Spring Yellow Fair: Free Saplings for Visitors and Lucky Draw for Those in Yellow2019-03-07
Running a Shop in Chiayi, the Quota of Excluded Lessons of Brand Business Is Full2019-03-05
Education Should Keep Up with the Times for Kids to Create Possible Future. Mayor Huang Says, Lowering Student Number in a Class and Bi-Lingual Education Practice.2019-02-25