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Premier on YouTube: Co-performance of high school drama clubs of Chiayi 2021-10-13
Streamer Jie-ling Xie Invited to Share On-trend Streaming Secrets during Pandemic2021-10-06
Chiayi City Surpasses Tainan and Kaohsiung and Is Placed 1st on Healthcare2021-10-01
Latest Update of “Travel in Chiayi” Provides All the Information You Need to Travel in Chiayi2021-09-29
The Opening Ceremony of Taiwan Design Expo Takes Place on December 232021-09-23
Mayor Ming-hui Huang Supervised the Road Condition2021-09-16
The Premier Tseng-chang Su Promised to Cover Expenses on the Upgrade of Traditional Markets2021-09-09
Mayor Ming-hui Huang Visiting the Innovative IKEA Store in Chiayi City to Show Hospitality2021-09-06
Renovation of the Homeless Shelter Executed by the City Government Puts It under the Spotlight2021-09-03
The Inauguration of the "Chiayi City Experimental Education Curriculum Center".2021-08-31
Yi-ta Wang, the Olympic Karate Practitioner, Returns to Chiayi.2021-08-25
The Modern Wooden Building Exhibition “Forests of Chiayi” Held by Chiayi Municipal Museum2021-08-24
The City Government Collaborates with Tzu Chi on the “Aid for Children of Underprivileged Groups ”2021-08-19
Yi-ta Wang from Chiayi Attends the Tokyo Olympics He’s the Honor of Chiayi City.2021-08-11
Mayor Ming-hui Huang Thanks Chiayi JCI for Donating Supplies to Underprivileged Families2021-08-09
Digital Transformation of Chiayi City East Market that Rolls Out Online Payment2021-08-05
Chiayi City Mayor Ming-hui Huang Scoring 4.5 Stars 3 Years in a Row 2021-08-02
Chiayi City Gives Away Rapid COVID Test Kits on July 272021-07-29
Mayor Ming-hui Huang Values Education and Shows Up at the Vaccination for Educational Workers2021-07-27
Online Reservations to Revisit Chiayi Art Museum Opening from July 132021-07-16