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Snow in April – Hakka Tung Blossom Festival in Chiayi City2021-04-22
Walking with Young Pals, Mayor Ming-hui Huang Experienced the Dajia Mazu Pilgrimage2021-04-19
The Mobile Camera for Sewage Construction in Chiayi City Can Detect Every Leak in the Sewers2021-04-14
Academy Award for Education through Reading All Three Schools Chiayi City Entered Won Prizes2021-04-12
Chiayi City Cycling Route Connects All the Beauty in Chiayi 2021-04-09
The Inauguration of Flowing Water in the Ditch , the Creation as the Image of Hydrology in the City 2021-03-29
With the Opportunity Witnessing the Significant Views of the Two Lakes2021-03-24
The Uniform of the Chiayi City Team Adapts New Elements2021-03-22
Future the Excursion Train First Came to Chiayi for a Banquet! 2021-03-17
Welcome Home! “Ideal Hometown – Chiayi City Placemaking Exhibition” 2021-03-11
Adorable Children in Champion Hats and Tiger Shoes in the One-Year-Old 2021-03-09
The Complete Childcare System Reassures Young Parents The First Public Childcare Home in Chiayi City2021-03-08
Stay True to Yourself – Min-fang Chen’s Solo Exhibition of Paintings2021-03-03
Mayor Ming-hui Huang Calls for Actions to Support Farmers with Her Passion2021-02-24
Chiayi City Will Give Away 3,000 Rainbow Cow Lanterns for 3 Days from February 222021-02-19
2021 the Year of the Ox,Mayor Ming-hui Huang Visits Several Temples to Pray for Happiness 2021-02-18
The City Government Works on the Constant Disseminations2021-02-09
More YouBike 2.0 Stations Before the New Year to Provide Transportation Services of High Quality2021-02-05
The Opening Exhibition of Chiayi Municipal Museum2021-02-04
“A Fabulous Encounter of Art and Reading”2021-02-03