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Chiayi City Follows the Instructions from the Central on the Control of People Flow 2021-06-10
The 4,900 Shots of COVID-19 AZ Vaccines Given to Chiayi City2021-06-03
The 2nd Confirmed Case in Chiayi City, the Places Case 6104 Has Been to Are All Disinfected2021-06-02
Doctors of Small Clinics Dedicate to the Neighborhood Testing Sites2021-06-02
0 New Cases in Chiayi City Today, and Places the Confirmed Cases Set Foot on Have Been Disinfected2021-05-26
Chiayi City Pandemic Dissemination in Mandarin and Taiwanese through Speakers by the Police2021-05-26
Guo-an Li, Chairman of CarolBrass Tourism Factory, Visited Mayor Ming-hui Huang2021-05-25
Chiayi City Pandemic Prevention Camp 20212021-05-12
The Satisfaction Survey of Cities and Counties in Taiwan 2021 2021-05-07
Chiayi City Talent Contest for the Orange Generation Displays Active Senior People2021-04-30
Omer Caspi, Representative of Israel Economic and Cultural Office in Taipei, Visited Chiayi City 2021-04-27
Snow in April – Hakka Tung Blossom Festival in Chiayi City2021-04-22
Walking with Young Pals, Mayor Ming-hui Huang Experienced the Dajia Mazu Pilgrimage2021-04-19
The Mobile Camera for Sewage Construction in Chiayi City Can Detect Every Leak in the Sewers2021-04-14
Academy Award for Education through Reading All Three Schools Chiayi City Entered Won Prizes2021-04-12
Chiayi City Cycling Route Connects All the Beauty in Chiayi 2021-04-09
The Inauguration of Flowing Water in the Ditch , the Creation as the Image of Hydrology in the City 2021-03-29
With the Opportunity Witnessing the Significant Views of the Two Lakes2021-03-24
The Uniform of the Chiayi City Team Adapts New Elements2021-03-22
Future the Excursion Train First Came to Chiayi for a Banquet! 2021-03-17