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Completion of the Heart of the City: A 12 Meters Tall Grass Sliding Hill and a Giant Slide 2020-12-15
Concert Band Rocking Bar – Chiayi City International Band Festival 2020 from Dec. 18 to Jan.3 2020-12-14
Chiayi City as a Happy City Won 4 Awards on “2020 Taiwan Healthy Cities and Age-friendly Cities”2020-12-10
City of Baseball and Spirit of KANO: The Training Home of Fubon Guardians Sits in Chiayi City 2020-12-09
The Museum of Old Taiwan Tiles Has Been Noticed through Its Foreign Collaborations People 2020-11-27
The Debut of Fish Migrate Performed by People of Different Cultural Backgrounds in Chiayi City 2020-11-26
To Chill in Chiayi Is to Do What People Usually Do in Chiayi2020-11-19
The Special Olympics Hiking Event Kicks Off Today 400 People of the Athletes and Their Family Member2020-11-17
Be Proud of Being Single Chiayi City Keeps You Company on the Singles’ Day with Wonderful Spots2020-11-12
The Legacy of the City of Painting Art Begins from Chiayi City Opening Ceremony of Chiayi Art Museum2020-11-11
The Final Goal Will Soon Be Achieved YouBike 2.0 in Chiayi City Will Meet the Need of the Citizens a2020-11-09
The 2020 Taiwan Railways of Popular Science at Chiayi Station and the Challenges of Science at the F2020-10-30
Building Up the Ability of Mastering Scratch and Arduino for Children Maker in Chiayi2020-10-28
The Honor for the Home to KANO of Being Selected One of the 12 Representative International Sports 2020-10-23
Online Learning During Summer Break Paid Off. Min Tzu Elementary School Tops Other Schools 2020-10-19
Rock Music Festival on Double Ten Day! ZenKwun and Accusefive Will Rock Chiayi City2020-10-15
Chiayi Girls’ Day (Girl Power +1) Kicks Off and Mayor Min-hui Huang Encourages Girls 2020-10-12
Top 10 of the Three Minutes Video Competition Will Be Announced. There Were 1,201 Entries Competing 2020-10-08
Chiayi City Ranked in the 3rd Place among Non-special Municipalities, according to the Cities and Co2020-09-30
Chiayi City is My Concern The New Face of Chiayi City during the Chiayi Youth Festival2020-09-30