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Creativity Installation Art Works on Yunxiao Old Street, Lighting Ceremony for Lantern Festival Taking Place on Feb.172019-02-14
Minsheng Junior High School Friendly School 5+1, Mommy Mayor Huang Min-hui Urging the Students to Fight against Drugs, Gangs, and Bullying2019-02-12
Tsu Lo New Year Celebration 2019 Press Conference! Mayor Huang Invites Everyone to Visit Chiayi during New Year.2019-01-28
Come to Chiayi for 2019 New Year Goods! Mommy Mayor Served New Year Dishes2019-01-23
City of No Cash in University Project, Mayor Huang Plans to Build Chiayi City as an Example of E-Commerce City2019-01-21
The 3rd Photograph Exhibition Charity Donation Ceremony of Enjoy Picture Taking Club, Mayor Huang Appreciates the Good Deeds2019-01-18
Chiayi Wood City Reappearance and Honor of History Reproduction for Economy through Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship2019-01-16
Mayor Huang Min-hui led City Government to Meet the Chairman Huang Qi-lun and the Guests from the Team and Promote Aesthetics on Architecture2019-01-15
Achievement Expo & Blood Donation Event held by Social Education Club of Dizang Temple of Mt. Jiouhwa, Mayor Huang: The Action to Educate and to Enlighten Brings Everyone Happiness and Positivity2019-01-13
Swine Fever Hits, Dry the Kitchen Waste before Dumping It2019-01-10
No Kitchen Waste in Pig Farms, Chiayi City Government Follows the Policy from Central Government to Prevent the Threat of African Swine Fever2019-01-07
Love Lets the Kids Walk into Art and Opens the Window of Creativity, Said Mayor Huang. Wu Song Beats Tiger, Paper Windmill Came to Chiayi2019-01-06