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Design Makes the Innovation and Aesthetics of a City, Taiwan Design Expo Connects Chiayi City and Hs2020-08-06
“Adorable Police 5+1, Police’s Love to Chiayi” for Parents and Children to Complete Tasks, and Mayor2020-08-03
Just Do It! 20 Creative Entries for the Precautions in the Teen Maker Competition2020-07-29
Science 168, an Expo of Science Education, Reached Its Peak2020-07-22
Amazing Show Hyped Up Chiayi City and Mayor Huang Showed Up to Cheer Up Young People2020-07-15
Mayor Huang, YouTubers, Entrepreneurs, Indie Bands Are Up for Something Great. Survival in Our Own G2020-07-14
“Dare to Try, Long Live Your Dreams.” Chiayi Youth Festival on July 11 and 122020-07-08
The 38th Anniversary of City Promotion, Chiayi City Will Build a New Center for People of All Ages t2020-07-06
People Crammed into Chiayi City for the Annular Eclipse. Mayor Min-Hui Huang, Taipei City Mayor Wen-2020-06-24
The Centurial Golden Ring Conduced to the 1st Policy Exchange between Chiayi City and Taipei City Go2020-06-24
8-Minute Drone Shows at Beisianhu Park, Demonstrating “Love Chiayi 621 2020” for the Annular Eclipse2020-06-19
Lectures at Beisianhu Park: Learning More About the Solar Eclipse from Astronomers Wei-hsin Sun and 2020-06-17
“Lessening without Loosening Up.” Chiayi City Has Reopened Places and Business. Taking Care of One’s2020-06-15
The First Class of the Miniature Artist Zhen-long Chen Has Started, and He Shared His 50-Year Experi2020-06-09
What You Need to Know about the Annular Eclipse. Come to Chiayi on June 21 to Witness It2020-06-05
Running for the Popularity Prize, the 20 Nominees for “Three Minutes Video Competition” of Chiayi In2020-06-01
The Debut of Electric Buses in Chiayi City, Hitting Zhongshan Main Route on June 1. “It’s a Trend to2020-05-26
Ren-yao Li Ceramic Personal Tour2020-05-21
Orbs Painted by Schools of Chiayi City and the Astronomical Challenge Event for the Annular Eclipse 2020-05-20
Wen Ya Elementary School Selected as an International School of Exemplar by Japan Art Mile for the M2020-05-18