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The new landmark of Chiayi Park

  • PostDate:2010-02-08

“Wow! It looks like a castle!”, “s there any large-scale camp fire? The tall wooden structure catches people’s attentions while they are jogging around the Chiayi Park. What are all these guys talking about? In fact, that’s where the characteristic of lantern section project taking place and which is called “Light of Ting Liao”, making of huge stack of wood and bamboo materials.
In order to greet the arrival of 2010 Taiwan Lantern Festival, there are many themes of lantern sections organized by city government; characteristic lantern district is one of these, where is located in Chaiyi Park BRT bus stop, Chiayi City Family Education Center, the parking lot of municipal baseball stadium. Teacher Wen-zing Wang, You Ye Lin art studio, has organized and designed the lantern from the concept of “Ting Liao”, which symbolizes blessing and prosperity as it was utilized as lighting equipment in the backyard for the ancient nobility.
Ms. Wang indicates that it’s the first attempt to create the large-scale project with woods and bamboos, consisted of 33 large camphor wood and Formosan rock as the foundation. The woven bamboo is made from Meng Zong bamboo and Makino which weighs 800 tons with 25 meters in length. Four 3 meter steels are drilled into the ground to sustain the weight and overcome the barrier of sitting on the slope. Every pile of wood is precisely calculated by structural engineers to guarantee the safety. He said, each wood is marked and leave it as part of the creative process, on behalf of the link and communication between human and nature. Meanwhile, entering the inner work of the creation, the audiences are able to get into an atmosphere that is created by human and nature with these truly amazing feelings.
City Government mentioned, the “Light of Ting Liao” in the day time, is like a bamboo and wooden castle, where arouses the beauty of nature and displays the country beauty. In the night, the ground surface and its glory shadows of flower patterns create 8 sets of special effects decorating among the audience, like a footprint of an angle seeking for eternity. Furthermore, characteristic lantern district is designed by art director Ah-lin Hung of Deaflympics Taipei 2009, to present the absolutely wonderful all new experience.