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Wanna overlook the Chiayi from outer space? Formosa Satellite images show invite you

  • PostDate:2010-02-27

National Space Center use different theme to run the imaging applications, and introduce the world-renowned beauty and Chiayi local development profile. There are four theme involved in the activity: (1) blessed world: demonstration of the world’s major events in recent years (2) world-wide images: From the Formosa ll satellite images taken around the world, then carefully selected the most representative of the classic images, described Taiwan and the world-renowned attractions, such as Kaohsiung Harbor, New York, Paris, etc. (3)Chiayi features: Chiayi City, the ancient name “Zhu Lou”, where is a cultural history and natural landscape, a cultural and artistic capital. The utilization of maps and satellite images, Chiayi describes the development of progressive history, attractions and its sister cities. (4) The space program: introduction of National Space Center, Formosa satellite series program, and future development. The satellite launch model on the scene will enable visitor to get to understand the space science and technology.
“Do you want to look at Chiayi City from 890 km height?” In order to greet the 2010 Taiwan Lantern Festival, the city government invited the National Space Center during the Lantern Festival(2/28~3/7) at City Hall Second Building holding “satellite images show of Formosa” and open ceremony will be hold on 28th at 10 am. The exhibition will showcase the application of remote sensing satellite images, and invite people from another point of view to overlook the world to explore the new horizons. Meanwhile, people are also allowed to get a close look at the Formosa Satellite ll. The effectiveness of space technology has opened the mysterious veil of the National Space Center, welcome the public to participate and visit.