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Chiayi City shows Appreciation Towards All the Military Troops for Their Hard Work.

  • PostDate:2011-01-26

Publishing Unit: Civil Affairs Bureau / Social Affairs Bureau / General Affairs Office
Publishing Date: 2011/01/21

Chinese New Year is approaching. Mayor Huang Minhui, deputy mayor Li Hsichi, as well as representatives from Chiayi’s Military Service Station, Chiayi City Womens Federation Council, Chiayi City Chamber of Commerce, Lions International Clubs, and the China Youth Corps—Chiayi Committee altogether and formed a group to visit the Command Center of Chiayi Army Reserve Commanding Officers. The troops were very excited about the visiting. Mayor Huang thanked, praised, and blessed all the troops as well as donated funds on behalf of the visiting group. Commander Liao Tsengchi was receives the donation on behalf of all the troops. Lastly, mayor Huang wishes all troops to have a good Chinese

Mayor Huang expressed to media that the commanding department of Army Reserve plays an important role when the country needs the national troops; therefore, it is especially important to care about the department as well as the troops. When the national disasters strike, the troops have to stand guard for 24/7 as well as carry out all rescue and evacuation missions. Because of the national troops’ hard work, Chiayi City is well protected and the civilians can live peacefully.

At the end of the visiting, the visiting group held a Q&A session and the entire event was heartwarming. After the session, deputy mayor led the group to Zhong Keng Army Reserve Base and Southern Ground Troop Base test facility to visit. The group consists of the General of the Chiayi City Government-Civil Affairs Bureau Zhang Kuanyu, Director of Chiayi Military Service Station Li Pitian, Chairman of Chiayi Chamber of Commerce Zhan Yaozhang, Chairman of China Youth Corps—Chiayi Committee Weng Hongweng, deputy chairman of Chiayi City Women’s Council Cai Yiyun, Financial Advisor of Lion Clubs Internation—300D1 Branch 6th Division Chen Yuxiang, and deputy chairman of Lion Clubs International—Jia Hua Branch Bai Zhencai.