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Chiayi City Traditional Games

  • PostDate:2012-03-25

Wudang Mountain Tien, Chiayi City God Temple altitude swing activities, nowhere else in Taiwan today (25) On the morning of lively debut. Temple Square early in the morning a sea of ??people, thousands of people behind a plastic this heritage of 200 years, the exciting folk contest. From all 52 players challenge the limits of self-mayor Huang rate of the city government team with the scene to cheer for the players, and personally lit firecrackers at the launching ceremony, the legislator Wu Yuren, Li Yi, agent Speaker Qiufang Qin, Members Xiuhua of Zheng Junheng, Wu Shangming, Zhong calendar also arrived to join the festivities.
Chih-hang the professional-grade puppetry from Changhua vivid dragon birthday, Mayor Huang and distinguished guests who came to the swing frame before burning gun start, everyone inspired, Mayor Huang swing frame, the shock call is not simple, she said the only really stand to the shelves before we know how high, admire the courage of the players. Mayor Huang further said that the swing game of the optical path of communities at high altitude over two hundred years of history, Chiayi City Folk Culture Festival, in the past during the leap year would be held by the city government is recommended to throw the holy divination blocks consent of Tien God agree. expanded into an annual event since 1997. Swing frame by community residents work together to adopt the ancient thorn bamboo and rattan grouping is made entirely without nails or wire, full of ancestors wisdom. This event was when our ancestors gratitude for the Tien God bless villagers from rampant, but also hope that by swinging the recent troubles of avian influenza, lean all the bad things in full swing in addition, for all good luck, the concept of welcoming people across the country took to the Chiayi City to watch Taiwan for some folk activities.
Lin Sheng Yin, the Community Development Association in the light path, swing-at-height not only Taiwan's only in the optical path, gradually onto the world. The Association recently received Hunan Satellite TV to take the initiative to contact, said it will provide the air tickets, accommodation, inviting community groups involved in the swing of Hunan on April 4, when this year's champion will represent Taiwan to the mainland exchanges. In addition, the temple also follow the traditional, in a leap year set a symbol of the dragon pillars of the onward and upward for the players boarded the swing frame. After the game, dragon pillars will welcome back the temple for the worshipers to a two-day divination blocks games, was more than up to the people of holy divination blocks to greet the return of the dragon pillars, the blessing of its success in peace.
Wudang Mountain Tien, Chiayi City God Temple altitude swing activities for Taiwan only see the great characteristics of the traditional folk athletic activities, and every year attracts around Taiwan players to enroll. This year, respectively, Yilan, New Taipei, Taichung, Changhua, Chiayi County, and the people in a total of 52 nominees to the challenge. 12 years old, as far away as Japan come to Chiayi City to participate in the Peach City Cup Soft Little League game Kikuchi wins playing experience, he who lives in Dong Yi Road, Chiayi City, Xu Yongkun today participating youngest players. The competition is divided into groups and groups of individuals, each age area is divided into Junior, Youth and middle age group, the game no time limit to the height of swing to determine the winner.
After an afternoon of intense competition, the group of young single people to clinch the title by a record 10 consecutive year of record Chen Jiasheng won the top spot last year because of injury to surrendering his disciple Lin Yi, to regain the top spot this year with a 13.5 meter table-breaking achievements, Lin Yi while the 12.6-meter score the second. This year the city government police and fire personnel once again team up to challenge, to get good results. In addition to Lin Yi-fat and silver medals, Fire Station, Zhang Jiawei Guo Quan and Zhang Shun original, Zhang Geng Zhang won one of the young duo, three. In addition, the Police Department Branch Park, Lu Ming Hin again won the third group of young single people, Wenbin of the reconnaissance team won the champion of the middle-aged single people group.
Today's competition results were as follows: Junior Single Champion Luoying Wei, Wu coriander, runner-up Zhang, Runner-up yellow country training (Ilan Chiaohsi). Junior doubles champion Wu Ming Lin Yuqiang, runner-up Jiang Wei, Guo lean, second runner-up Keming Xing, Ke Fuming. Hair, young single group champion Chen Jiasheng, runner-up Lin Yi-Runner-up Lu Ming Xuan. Youth doubles champion Zhang Jiawei, Guo Quan, runner-up Wuming Xiong, Zhang Yaxiong up of Zhang Shun original, Zhang Geng Zhang. Middle-aged single group champion Li Wenbin, runner-up, Luo Xi Long, second runner-up Luo Fushun.Middle age doubles champion Chen Kunhai, Tan; runner-up Jiang Ying Germany, Chan Kin Man, second, third, Luo Xi City, Luo south of the river.