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“Leap of Thirty: Happy Chiayi City” Stars Celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Chiayi City Upgrade

  • PostDate:2012-12-22


Chiayi city celebrated the 30th anniversary of upgrade, and the event “Leap of Thirty” was conducted at the public sport venue by performances of Ricky Xiao, Weng-Sing Hwang, Ric, Hsin-mei Tseng, Evan Yo, and Alien Huang. At 9:09, the flame works was released to symbol “Eternal”, and the Mayor Huang wished next thirty years of Chiayi will be brilliant.

Chiayi city is turning to an “Adult” as the theme of event “Leap of Thirty”. Everyone expects Chiayi will walk on a different path, since Chiayi city needs to change itself. In recent years, Chiayi had been growing and processing due to encourages and supports of citizens, and we believe the next thirty years of Chiayi city will be even better and happier, the Mayor Huang said.

The event was hosted by the “Golden Couple” Nancy Kuo and Kuo-lun Huang, and this their first time to host a large scale event in Chiayi. The Monster Crew also brought street dances to open the event by using their unique teenage culture.

“Daughter of Chiayi” Hsin-mei Tseng let audiences heard the honor of Chiayi by singing; Copy Boyz also had a live show of “Greeting 30” from the TV show “Super Copy King” as well; the Electric-Techno Neon Gods, which was popular in Taiwan, bring the “Local” electric music with folk customs; Ric, Weng-Sing Hwang, and Ricky Xiao performed with their personal feature voice, and congratulated the joy of Chiayi 30 years old.

At 21:09, the city government planed the flame works show “Leap of Thirty” with the music “Chiayi City Go”, and the Mayor Huang wished the future of Chiayi city will be better with citizens. Evan Yo “the star of Chiayi” presented a brilliant dance with music to give the highest wish for his hometown; Alien Huang, who played the bestselling national movie “Din-Tao”, performed a scene of his concert to impress Chiayi citizens. The event was wonderful, and let entire nation saw the passion and culture of Chiayi city.