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Photo Marathon: Historic Eyes of Chiayi, Run With Your Lenses

  • PostDate:2016-09-11

Published by Department of General Affairs, Bureau of Cultural Affairs


To celebrate National Heritage Day, Chiayi City Government hosts the marathon event “Photo Marathon: The Historic Eyes” for the first time. It aims to rediscover the beauty of the historic sites through the lenses of the racers by labeling specifically 6 landmarks. There are approximately 70 photographers join the race across the country. Mayor Twu Shiing-Jer, city councilor Chen Xingzhi and guests and guests are invited to fire starting pistol to start the race this morning.

Mayor Twu says the first-held photo marathon race consists with the theme of World Heritage. There are 6 landmarks as shooting spots, including Beimen Station of Alishan Forest Railway, Alishan Forest Railway Garage Park, Hinoki Village, Forest Club Exhibition Center, Chiayi Historical Relic Museum and Chiayi Cultural and Creative Industries Park. We hope through different point of view in photography, everyone can see unique beautiful views of Chiayi.

Mayor Twu mentions the government collaborates with City Power for this event by offering e-bikes for racers with no charge. It does not only make more convenient for the racers moving between the landmarks, but also makes the environment friendly by reducing air pollution.

Drums Band from Sing-An Elementary School gives a magnificent and powerful performance as the opening of the race for the press conference today. Bureau of Cultural Affairs mention that the band will join the promoting team for National Heritage Day. The band will give flash performances at the 6 historical landmarks. Instructor Yang Wenjing says these kids have started giving drum performance around the country since last year after the gas explosions in Kaohsiung. She believes from these events, students would understand more history about their hometown and have identity and responsibility to protect the place.

Bureau of Cultural Affairs announces that racers will be taking to the historical landmarks with the tools for photography by groups from 10 am to 6 pm. Artwork will be collected at the landmarks and the top three artworks will be chosen for prize of book gift cards with the price of NT$ 5,000, NT$ 3,000 and NT$ 1,000. All of the artwork will be credited by the Bureau for culture promoting purpose.

For the details of the event, the Bureau mentions that there will be not only tour guiding and tournaments, but also special tour for other local landmarks including ChengHuang Temple, oil painting exhibition at St. John's Cathedral and Eastern Market.

There will be a forestry culture photography exhibition at the museum until September 18. The exhibition will present photos about the forestry industry in Alishan taken from the 1910s. This is a great opportunity to learn more about the fall and the rise of the forestry industry in Chiayi. It is also a great exhibition to understand the reasons why it is possible to make Alishan Forest Railway to be recorded in the World Heritage.