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Autonomous Regulations for Food Vendor Sanitation Management in Chiayi City Will Be Applied on May 16 This Year

  • PostDate:2017-03-09

Bureau of Public Health

Translated by Sheng-Che Lin (Jerry)


As the improvement of living, the cognition and the requirement of the public to the quality of food vendor sanitation has also been increased. There are a wide range of industries related to food vendor sanitation. It is necessary to help the operators to establish an autonomous sanitation management system to prevent the spread of infectious diseases and ensure the food and the environment are safe to the public.


Chiayi City Government announced the autonomous regulations for food vendor sanitation management on November 16, 2016. The regulations will be applied on May 16, 2017. On March 9, Director of Taiwan Girls' Beauty Related Industry Union Hsu Yu-Jen, Representative Director Chiang Li-Ching, and the supervisors from the same unions visited Minister of Public Health Bureau Huang Wei-Min for discussion and opportunity for collaboration.


As the regulations are ready to run, Public Health Bureau cooperated with Industry and Commerce Section of Chiayi City Economic Affairs Department to organise several seminars. The food vendor sanitation manager seminars are available for practitioners who applied to the regulations, including accommodation, beauty salon, bathroom, entertainment, swimming pool, film. For more information about the autonomous regulations food vender sanitation management, please visit Laws and Regulations Retrieving System or contact the Disease Control Section of Public Health Bureau at 05-234-1150.