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Shallow Mountain Biodiversity Conservation Exhibition

  • PostDate:2017-07-02

Bureau of Cultural Affairs

Department of General Affairs

Translated by Sheng-Che Lin (Jerry)
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Summer is almost here. Chiayi City Government and Chiayi Forest District Office of Forestry Bureau presented the Shallow Mountain Biodiversity Conservation Exhibition. It presented paintings, ecological photographs, simulation and interaction of the habitat of a number of protected wild animals lived in shallow mountain area such as pangolins, Chinese box turtle, leopard cat, Formosan rock macaque and etc. The special exhibition will be closed on September 3rd.


Mayor Hsing-Che Tu gave an opening speech at the opening ceremony on July 3rd that the exhibition is aimed to let the public get to know and understand animal conservation and the through exhibitions and diverse events. Tu stated that the Cultural Bureau has prepared series of seminars and activities for the special exhibition. There are 8 biodiversity seminars, night observation, and the special digging experience activities. "We are pleased to welcome everyone to enjoy and experience the beauty of Chiayi's ecology" Tu said.


Shallow Mountain Biodiversity Conservation Exhibition was presented at the 1st floor of Chiayi City Museum until September 3rd.  There will be a seminar every Saturday morning from 10 to 12 at the discussion room of Chiayi City Museum about biodiversity. The night observation event is hosted on July 7th, August 4th and August 18th exclusively. The digging experience activity is available for parents and kids on July 15th, July 28th and August 12th. For more information, please visit Chiayi City Cultural Bureau website or Wabao's Outdoor Activity Facebook Fan Page. For event registration, please visit