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2017 Chiayi City's Urban Aboringinal Tribe "MaSharu" joint Harvest Festival debut today

  • PostDate:2017-11-21

2017 Chiayi City's Urban Aboringinal Tribe "MaSharu" joint Harvest Festival debut today

Release Date: 2017.11.18  Unit: Civil Affairs Office / Administrative Office


2017 Chiayi City's Urban Aboringinal Tribe "MaSharu" joint Harvest Festival debut (18)  at the Premiere Plaza this year. Using Paiwan tribe as the theme, the traditional Paiwan ritual ceremony was held, the boys has to climb the pole, the girls to withstand Millet sieve, show off the top technique. Tu, the mayor of Chiayi, also wore an aboriginal vest, personally introducing the ceremonial fire to the man through the ceremonial ceremony, holding a torch to ignite the campfire and jumping up the traditional assembly dance.


The mayor said that Chiayi City is a metropolitan city that respects diverse cultures and shows the beauty of diverse ethnic groups from the Hakka ethnic groups, the new residents to the indigenous people. The mayor also hoped tonight's harvest will allow people to better understand the Aboriginal culture, food, mutual respect and diversity, so that Chiayi City can become more colorful city!




The Civil Affairs Department pointed out that this year's metropolitan Aboriginal joint Harvest Festival is centered on the Paiwan tribe, and "Ma Sa Lu" means Paiwan's "Thank you very much." Chiayi Metropolitan Aboriginal Life Education Association specifically invited Taichung native tribes show, director Zhang Shuiyun said: People do not have to go back to their hometowns, in Chiayi City, Pavillion adult ceremonies can watched .




In addition to the performance of the Paiwan tribal ceremonies, ceremonial ceremonies and campfire performances, the festival invites indigenous tribal specialty food costumes market, millet wine, jinafu, barbecued pork, bamboo rice, jade jelly ice and other traditional delicacies , As well as hometown coffee and alpine tea, rich aroma.



Chiayi City Aboriginal Harmony Festival, held every year, has become a unique Aboriginal Chiayi cultural activitiy. Every year, a group of people are chosen to show their family members' festivals, costumes, culture, industry and dance, as well as the industries and cultures of other Aboriginal tribes so as to give citizens and friends a chance to learn about the diverse arts and crafts, food culture, Experience the distinctive Aboriginal tribal culture.