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Chiayi City, the new Public Health Bureau director arrives in Chiayi City Government

  • PostDate:2017-12-19

Chiayi City, the new Public Health Bureau director arrives in Chiayi City Government

Date of issue: 2017.12.18 Department: Public Health Bureau


Chiayi City Government (18) held a new Health Bureau Chief Zhang Yao Mao oath ceremony, by the Mayor of Chiayi Tu Shangzhe personally visit the Department of Health presided over by Bunda, the chief accountant Fang Minghui supervision, former director of the Department of Health Professor Yang Zhiliang, Chiayi City Council members Mei-Hui Wang, Cai Wenxu, Chiayi City Health and medical community and representatives from all walks of life, Zhang Yao-mao parents Zhang Yuzhen, Zhang Xixia, wife Gao Jin are present and congratulated. Zhang also delivered a speech to the public during his speech: We care! From the birth of the people, to the needs of most, to every place, as long as the people of Chiayi, the city government uphold us to take care of you, we care about your medical, health, care and mobility Treat every citizen friend.

"Break through the current situation and create new success." The mayor said: "The successful recruitment of Secretary Zhang Yao-mao to Chiayi City is the right choice to fight health!" Taking the ambition of Chairman Zhang, leadership, central coordination, media communication and opening up a new bureau, I believe he can lead the Municipal Health Bureau The upper floor, to create a universal health of Chiayi City. At the same time, the mayor also expresses his gratitude to Liao Yuwei, the deputy director, who worked hard during his four-month term.

The mayor also pointed out that Director Zhang is a student of Chongwen Elementary School, Chiayi High School and National Taiwan University Institute of Public Health, and obtained a total of three master's and one doctoral degree. It is believed that following the enlistment of Secretary Cheung Yiu-mau on the municipal team, he is convinced that in addition to continuing to promote the building of a food and safety capital, integrated hospital-type screening, integrated long-term care, prevention and control of influenza outbreaks, "And" Building a Smart City of Health "... and other important health policies, we will also protect the health of the public from the perspective of preventive medicine.

Zhang Yao-mao, the new health director, said: "I thank the mayor for giving him the opportunity to return to Chiayi City (hometown) to serve." Mr Cheung also felt that he was from the mayor who was promoted as a beloved. "Medical care is not a cold system, but a warm smile." Secretary Cheung also further looks forward to making Chiayi citizens feel more temperature and smile in medical treatment, which indirectly contributed to the beauty of returning to their hometown today.

As commander of the logistics unit, Zhang Yaomao also stressed that special thanks to all colleagues on the front line of the Health Bureau of Chiayi every figure has a very important life significance, such as: Pap smear, cervical cancer mortality rate is reduced 0.01%, converted 270,000 people in Chiayi City, is to save 20 several precious lives. Take the work of the Department of Health, not only to receive the salary, as well as the temperature of life.

The mentor behind Secretary Cheung - Professor Yang Zhiliang said he admired the most brilliant candidate to apply for the mayor, regardless of blue-green. Professor Yang also stressed that the mayors and directors Zhang are public health experts, the two together, we must make the public more healthy and happy!

The new director of the Health Bureau Zhang Yaomao is a doctor of Institute of Medical Management of China Medical University, a master of Law Institute of Soochow University, a master of law of the United States of America from Boston University, a doctor of health policy and management institute of National Taiwan University, a researcher of Takemi Program from Harvard University School of Public Health . Currently, he is an associate professor and law director of Taipei Medical University, an adjunct professor of National Taiwan University and Yangming University, chairman of the exhibition arm reading association, director of Taiwan's Association for the Advancement of Health and Management Development and senior director of Health Management Development.