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Home appliances to be careful: FM93.3 News Air Podcast disaster prevention

  • PostDate:2018-01-04

Home appliances to be careful: FM93.3  News  Air Podcast  disaster prevention

Release Date: 2018.1.4 Unit: Fire Bureau


              When the cold hit a hot shower, shut the window, and then open a heater, the home warm and comfortable! what?! Invisible killer on your side, the danger has quietly come. Huang Zhonghong, a member of the second unit of the Second Battalion of the Chiayi City Government Fire Station, and a fire instructor from Yunlin and Chiayi County met with you in the air to discuss the fire safety rules for home appliances at FM93.3 Security checks.


              Recently, the temperature plunged. Many people have moved out of electrical products such as electric heaters and electric blankets. However, fireplaces, electrical appliances and sockets are often the main cause of home fires, but fires do not rehearsal in advance, so they can survive and leave , Everyone does not want to encounter a fire, what happens if the unfortunate happen? What to do in peacetime prevention work? When you fail to notice the relevant safety regulations, then a fire may take life without mercy. In order to make people have a better concept of disaster prevention and safety through wave of cold, the second detachment on the 3rd from 8 am to 10 pm, together with the public to explore the fire in the air, which contains the statistical data of counties and cities Common reasons for the fire, how to pay attention to the safety of electrical appliances and home appliances common sense, on the fire escape often hear the fatal errors and myths, as well as the importance of residential fire alarms, usually what the public need to do Home inspections, etc., one by one in the radio to the audience a friend publicize fire knowledge, and finally also CALL-IN prize solicitation activities, listeners and friends received enthusiastic