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National Crazy Walking Sports i Taiwan

  • PostDate:2018-04-16

National Crazy Walking Sports i Taiwan
Date of issue: 2018.4.15 Unit: Education Department / Tourist Information Office

National Crazy Walking Sports i Taiwan
The Chiayi City Sports Association today (15th) took 107 National Crazy Walking Activities and annual sports i Taiwan voyages at the Kano Park of the Baseball Stadium in Chiayi City, attracting 800 people to sign up for the event. The mayor Tu Wuzhe and his wife, Zheng Yujuan, went on a special trip to work with fellow citizens. .


Mayor Tu said that the mayor of the doctor cares most about the health of the people's friends. Therefore, in order to allow Chiayi City to have a healthy environment with "every day sports, everybody loves sports, and everywhere to exercise," the municipal government has actively obtained a sum of 12.89 million yuan from the Sports Department of the Ministry of Education. Funds for various sports activities. Welcomed the participation of many people and friends, such as walking, ball games, and dance, and cultivated a constant exercise habit. It is the fundamental to health.


In addition to a good sports atmosphere, Mayor Tu also actively promoted a high-quality sports environment. In April this year, the first National Sports Center in Yunjianan was formally launched. From the design, construction and construction to the operation, the initial design was based on user and operational needs. , more in line with the needs of the people's friends. With a total cost of NT$300 million and an area of ​​4,590 square meters, the National Sports Center has a total of 4 floors. It provides heated swimming pools, basketball courts, badminton courts, table tennis courts, billiards, aerobics classes, fitness centers, and outdoor rock climbing. Fields, etc.. No matter whether it is sunny rain, the public friends can come to the National Sports Center to sweat, there are all kinds of novel sports courses, and even sports are very happy and very happy.


Today's walking activity site also has physical fitness tests, sweepstakes, and so on. Under the leadership of the teacher, the elderly and the young are warming up with an aerobics exercise. The mayor and his wife, after whistle whistle, are even more enthusiastic about taking a walk. On the Sunday morning, you can go for a walk in the most characteristic KANO Park and get healthy and happy.