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Love Lets the Kids Walk into Art and Opens the Window of Creativity, Said Mayor Huang. Wu Song Beats Tiger, Paper Windmill Came to Chiayi

  • PostDate:2019-01-06

January 6, 2019

West District Office/Civil Affairs Department/Cultural Affairs Bureau/Education Department/Tourism and Information Department

        Paper Windmill Theatre, a popular troupe, arrived at Chiayi City again in attempt to fulfill the drama dreams of the kids in West Dist. Mayor Huang Min-hui, also a mother, went to the performance and cheered up for the actors and the staff before they hit on stage. In addition, she especially appreciated the sponsorship from Chicony Electronics CO., Ltd and the other sponsors which made it possible for kids to enjoy the performance of Paper Windmill Theatre.

        Walk in the art, and open the window of children’s creativity, said Mayor Huang. She thanked the busy parents who brought their kids into this sanctuary of art for watching the show and enjoying the night of joy and creativity. Apart from that, she thanked Chicony Electronics for the sponsorship to have Paper Windmill Theatre, which brings shows for kids, come to Chiayi City again; at the same time, she is also grateful for the members of Paper Windmill Theatre who gave an amazing performance for the kids.

        Frist Mile Kids’ Smile, 319-town Kid Art Program, originates from an idea back in 2006, Paper Windmill Cultural Foundation indicates. If adults can’t change what it is like now, at least we have to do something for kids, tells the idea. Thus, Paper Windmill made a decision to tour among 319 towns of Taiwan then with the donation funds from the folks not the budget supplements from the government. On Dec.3 in 2011, Paper Windmill Theatre ended the tour under the applause of 6500 audiences in the 319th town, Wanli, Taipei. The 319-town kid art program had raised funds more than 210 million dollars, traveled more than 290 thousand kilometers, appealed around 800 thousand audiences, and been helped by over 30 thousand donators.

        After the tour, we’ve heard the expectations from many that we should start it again, Paper Windmill pointed out. As a result, Paper Windmill initiated 368-town Kid Art Program. Paper Windmill brought the shows at the old venue for Lantern Festival in Jianguo Second Village in 2013 and in Gangping Elementary School in 2015. There were thousands of audiences. In January 2019, Paper Windmill came to Chiayi City again with their Wu Song Beats Tiger. The parents and kids had wished the day of the show coming.

        Wu Song Beats Tiger is adapted from a classical literary work of the same name. The show combined the elements of traditional drama and drums. A cute tiger figure interacted with the audience during the performance. Instead of beating the tiger, the show turned it into saving the tiger, and it was a misunderstanding out of fear that tiger had killed a man. In the end, villagers of Yang Jing Gang made up with the tiger and the fear of tiger was gone along with it. Educational purpose of caring for the animals and natural environments was met through the plot of saving tiger. During the show, the laughter from the audience arose due to the amusing interaction between the tiger and the 2000 audiences.

        Mayor Huang Min-hui with mothers in the audience watched this wonderful and interesting Wu Song Beats Tiger. Holding the hands of the kids around her, Mayor Huang led them to greet the tiger when the tiger walked into the kids in the audience.

        One of the sponsors, Chicony Electronics, has been giving charitable donations fora while in the hope of doing the kids in Taiwan a favor. Mayor Huang again appreciated the sponsorship from Chicony Electronics for the show. Everyone’s concern made the magnificent and sweet night.