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No Kitchen Waste in Pig Farms, Chiayi City Government Follows the Policy from Central Government to Prevent the Threat of African Swine Fever

  • PostDate:2019-01-07

January 7, 2019

Economic Affairs Department

        African swine fever virus has a short incubation period with its strong infectivity. The data from China shows that 30% of African swine fever is spread through kitchen waste and that the fatality is nearly 100% for the infected pigs. Hence, it’s essential to block the spread of African swine fever.

        In Chiayi City, there are 11 pig farms where 500 out of 3000 pigs are fed with kitchen waste. With severe African swine fever threat in the nation, Mayor Huang Min-hui not only efficiently commanded Economic Affairs Department to found Emergency Response Center of African Swine Fever, but also directed multiple measures for epidemic prevention, such as frequent pig farm inspection, antiseptic giveaway to the pig farms, regular report about the pig farm flows, the pig amount control, and cooking equipment inspection for pig farms which feeds kitchen waste.

        The scale of pig farming in Chiayi City is smaller, but it’s still part of the industry, Mayor Huang indicated. Epidemic prevention is necessary for all the industries regardless of the scale. The fever may break out due to a tiny accident. Chiayi City will follow policies from the central government to block the fever for and to protect pig farming industry in Taiwan.

        Chiayi City Government will finish the visits to pig farms which feed kitchen waste in a week under the central policy. Polls are taken to show the willingness of whether to replace the kitchen waste with pig food or to abandon the pig farms. Besides, City Government will explain the epidemic prevention policy and compensation rules. Those who take pig food replacement are able to get 2,200 dollars for each pig; those who give up on the farms are able to receive the compensation ranging from 200 thousand to 500 thousand dollars based on pigpen area and volume of waste water disposal equipment. In addition, the application of pig food replacement or pig farm abandonment is taken in local district halls by the end of March. Moreover, kitchen waste can continue to be utilized after passing the test over kitchen waste recycle of pig farm within a week.