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Swine Fever Hits, Dry the Kitchen Waste before Dumping It

  • PostDate:2019-01-10

January 10, 2019

Environmental Protection Bureau

        African swine fever keeps hitting, its virus has a short incubation period with its strong infectivity. The data shows that 30% of African swine fever is spread through kitchen waste. Chiayi City Government raises the awareness to block the fever, and initiates the following emergency kitchen waste disposal measures:

1.     Households and schools should dry the kitchen waste before dump it into garbage truck.

2.     Industries such as restaurant, hotel, and supermarket which produce kitchen waste more than 16kg per day should hand over the waste to qualified cleaning companies or pay incineration plants to dispose the waste.

3.     Delis and cafés should also dry the kitchen waste before dump it into garbage truck.

        Dry the waste with a filter, and put it into reusable containers; then, dump it into the waste collection bucket hung behind a garbage truck, said Xiao Ling-yi, Director-general of Environmental Protection Bureau, Chiayi City. The incineration amount can thus be reduced to extend the service period of a plant.

        Do not bring any oversea meat products; purchase them which the source is clearly marked from legal meat sellers in the nation, and eat only well-cooked pork, reminds Huang Min-hui, Mayor of Chiayi City. Never eat pork from epidemic area and never dump it into the waste collection bucket. Besides, cherish what you have and make food in the amount that is able to be consumed. Dry the kitchen waste before dumping it into the collection bucket of a garbage truck. For any questions about the disposal, please call the direct line of Environmental Protection Bureau, Chiayi City: 05-2251775 ext. 308, Mr. Wang (Industry and Catering); ext. 310 Ms. Xu (School).