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Achievement Expo & Blood Donation Event held by Social Education Club of Dizang Temple of Mt. Jiouhwa, Mayor Huang: The Action to Educate and to Enlighten Brings Everyone Happiness and Positivity

  • PostDate:2019-01-13

January 13, 2019

Civil Affairs Department/Tourism and Information Department

        Dizang Temple of Mt. Jiouhwa keeps the merciful Bodhisattva spirit of giving feedback to the society with what is taken from it. The temple offers the opportunities of lifelong learning by founding Dizang Temple Social Education Study Club in Bodhisattva Building. The 2nd achievement exhibition 2018 in autumn was held stunningly today. Dizang Temple had organized 4 blood donation events along with the achievement exhibitions. In hope of encouraging the public to pull up sleeves and give blood to save people, the blood donation event this time, which is the 5thone, was simultaneously initiated with Chiayi Blood Center. Dizang Bloodmobile was brought to its utmost so that more blood would be collected and stored to rescue lives in danger.

        Mayor Huang Min-hui indicated that she participated in the achievement exhibition of Dizang Temple Social Education Study Club, during which either dynamic or static classes were magnificent and the eyes of the members shone passionately. The members of the social education club reached up to 1400 this year under the lead of Huang Jun-sen, Chairman of Dizang Temple of Mt. Jiouhwa and with the ultimate supports from the board. Lifelong learning gives a whole new meaning to the life.

        Chiayi City is full of just and virtue power, and the action to educate and to enlighten brings everyone happiness and positivity, Mayor Huang emphasized. She also encouraged that everyone should take the chance to give blood for saving lives under the suffering from recent famine of blood.

        This is the 7th year of the social education club, Chairman Huang Jun-sen pointed out. What is special about the study club is that there is no such thing as graduation ceremony but completion ceremony. The members always learned the knowledge under joyful atmosphere. The second period of 2018 consisted of 65 classes in which there were 1400 members. The works for static exhibition included: calligraphy, oil painting, engraving, pottery, tea art, flower art, collage, agricultural product processing, coffee class, phytoncide class. As for the dynamic performances, it included: singing, dance, erhu playing, Chinese flute playing, flute playing, saxophone playing, harmonicas playing, and so on. The works and performances showed the talents of the members.

        There were European dishes served apart from the achievement exhibition of autumn social education club. The first blood donor this year is Jiang Qing-zhe, Board Member of Dizang Temple of Mt. Jiouhwa. He said that he’d attended the blood donation every year. The sign-up for the 1st period of social education club begins on Jan.14, and the classes start from Mar.11. For those who are interested, please join and sign up the classes. For more information, visit the counters in Bodhisattva Building or the website of Dizang Temple.