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Mayor Huang Min-hui led City Government to Meet the Chairman Huang Qi-lun and the Guests from the Team and Promote Aesthetics on Architecture

  • PostDate:2019-01-15

January 15, 2019

Urban Development Department/Tourism and Information Department

        The team which organizes Yuan Ye Awards of Kaohsiung Judicious Creative Architecture Association visited Chiayi City Government this afternoon. Mayor Huang Min-hui led City Government to meet the Chairman Huang Qi-lun and the guests from the team. Mayor Huang appreciated the association for its self-starting promotion of aesthetics of architecture. The promotion has drawn not only the attentions to architecture, but competitors for architecture achievements which make beauty of city. The association gave City Government delicate architectural atlas, a bronze statue of dog, and Yuan & Ye figurines. Mayor Huang gave souvenirs of Chiayi City in return.

        Yuan Ye Awards is the honor all privately owned enterprises and governments units in 6 southern counties and cities try to fight for, Mayor Huang pointed out. Not only achievements on architect is concerned, but public construction or landscape construction with high qualities are highly appreciated to make a positive impact on the development for urban and rural areas in southern Taiwan. Thanks to the effort the Kaohsiung Judicious Creative Architecture Association has put, new styles of architecture in Chiayi City start to hit off. Architects from other places came to visit the unique aesthetics of architecture in Chiayi City. Local architects have received the honor of Yuan Ye Awards, which shows the accomplishment on architecture in Chiayi City. Through Yuan Ye Awards, it’s expected to encourage local architects to construct special buildings, to draw the attentions on designs of landscape construction, and to improve themselves via the participation.

        After taking office, economy would be the first priority and I would dedicate to build Chiayi City into a city of aesthetics, Mayor Huang said. Urban architecture matters when it comes to landscape, and urban design is ought to the net connecting the local lives. In order to efficiently integrate the resources and the industries in Chiayi and to create the opportunities for the development of the city, Urban Development Department of City Government actively promotes urban renewal, urban environment improvement, and city beautification. More new tourism attractions are expected to be built to make Chiayi City not only a center for entertainment and shopping in southwest Taiwan, but a center of the whole western Taiwan.

        The association becomes 30 years old in 2019, and Yuan Ye Awards comes to the 25th year; it was the efforts each member of the team had put which made it this long, said Huang, Chairman of Kaohsiung Judicious Creative Architecture Association. A good tourism spot is firstly needed for developing tourism industries in a city. High qualities and special features are required for a good tourism attraction. Yuan Ye Awards was meant to promote that each city should have its own unique buildings to bring it to a higher level on aesthetics. Besides, the supports and the encouragements for magnificent works to take part in Yuan Ye Awards 2019 of City Government are appreciated.

        Yuan Ye Awards, so called Academy Awards in South Area, sets the topic this year over smart green building based on friendly environment. In the meanwhile, universal facilities are recommended to create disabled access. Works attending Yuan Ye Awards are hoped to make use of ventilation, greening, sustainability, and smart technology in order to meet the needs of the users. Technology of green energy comes from humanity like other types of technology, so smart operation interface is required to save energy.