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The 3rd Photograph Exhibition Charity Donation Ceremony of Enjoy Picture Taking Club, Mayor Huang Appreciates the Good Deeds

  • PostDate:2019-01-18

January 18, 2019

Social Affairs Department/Tourism and Information Department

        The 3rd Photograph Exhibition Charity Donation Ceremony of Enjoy Picture Taking Club was held in the great hall of City Government this morning. Sun Qing-zhang, the club leader, donated $60,000 to Sacred Heart Home, Chiayi Branch of Genesis Social Welfare Foundation, and Cerebral Palsy Association of Chiayi City under the witness of Mayor Huang Min-hui. Chiayi is lack of discovery but love, Mayor Huang said during the speech. She emphasizes that people in Chiayi have love in their hearts, and that she wishes the love could bring more people into working on “100 New Brands” for greater economy.

        This donation ceremony shows the warmth of people in Chiayi, and the cooperation of the photographers, outstanding entrepreneurs, and enthusiastic public servants reveals the ideal of the club which conveys the true virtue, Mayor Huang Min-hui indicated. Sun Qing-zhang, an experienced photographer, asked Chen Bin-yuan, who won National Awards of Art as a photographer and is the trainee’s grandson of the nationwide photography master Lang Jin-shan, for being his teacher. He deserves compliments for he organized the charity event and did the good deeds.

        Working on “100 New Brands” is the essential ideal of Mayor Huang Min-hui. Mayor Huang pointed out that doing good deeds could also make a new noted brand of Chiayi. She also gave the club and collectors limited editions of camphor cup mats with her signatures to show the old Wood City of Chiayi. There were a fabulous erhu show performed by Xu Rong-fang, the director of Magical Band which was the co-organization of the ceremony, and a Tai Chi show by the elders led by Xu Jie-chen, Chairman of Guangyi Association of Tai Chi.

        At the end, Mayor Huang made a wish to create “100 New Brands” of Chiayi. She hopes that this ceremony will bring more talented people through the charitable hearts of the participants: Zhang Xing-lin, an entrepreneur in Toong Yeuan; Tu Shao-wen from Day+ Hotel; Huang Sheng-bin, Chairman of HTB Specialty Tools; Cai Meng-zong from Genius Computer; all the photographers.