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City of No Cash in University Project, Mayor Huang Plans to Build Chiayi City as an Example of E-Commerce City

  • PostDate:2019-01-21

January 21, 2019

Intelligence Technologies Department/Tourism and Information Department

        Multiple payments are the tendency in digital economic era. In order to make Chiayi City an example city of e-commerce, City Government applied for the subsidy from Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs to carry out “City of No Cash in University Project” with Yunlin County, Chiayi County, and Tainan City. The project is made to assist stores near schools with building up multiple mobile payment service systems, along with smart selling machine setting, e-commerce platform and cloud data analysis. “City of No Cash in University Project & Multiple Payments in Chiayi City, Convenient Life Business Solicitation and Initiation Press Conference” was held on 8F of City Government Hall today. Shops around university campuses in Chiayi City are expected to apply mobile payment tools. Chiayi City is the spotlight of tourism and shopping among Chiayi County, Chiayi City, and Yunlin County; also, it’s a new center in western area, which makes it the most qualified to become the forerunner for multiple payments, Mayor Huang Min-hui pointed out. We are going to build Chiayi City up as an example city of e-commerce.

        Mayor Huang affirms that the utilization of technology in daily lives is indispensable for Chiayi City to catch up the future. Toward the digital era in the future, business applications such as multiple mobile payment service, smart selling machines, e-commerce platforms, and cloud data analysis are necessary. With pleasure, there were plenty of groups attending the conference today. City Government will keep promoting multiple payments for users to get used. Only cellphones and cards but cashes are needed while going out.

        Micropayment tools are diverse recently, so the integration of different kinds of mobile payment devices is the tendency, Lin Li-sheng pointed out, Director of Intelligence Technologies Department. Hence, shops are assisted to bring in multiple mobile payment service, smart selling machines, and e-commerce platform through this project. Shops can also modify marketing modes and increase interests via the data analysis. Meanwhile, the data analysts in universities could be trained. Lessons about multiple payments will be added into Citizen Smart Application Lifelong Study this year. Attendants can have the actual experience of shopping and help the shops with promotions through the sales on e-commerce platform, which could boost the popularity and convenience of mobile payment tools in Chiayi City.

        The team of “City of No Cash in University Project” takes charge of business solicitation, device arrangement, promotion event organizing, execution, data analysis provision, shop orientation, and so on. With the payment industry, the multiple payments will be promoted and brought into the living sphere around university campuses in Chiayi City, and in Hinoki Village. As a result, more tourists would come to Chiayi to raise the consumption profits. Smart Governing Plan of City Government will be brought into the promotion of integrated card reader, and the marketing of local industries will be combined to enhance the development of Chiayi City. For more information about “City of No Cash in University Project”, please call the following phone number: (02)7751-5167ext.102, Miss Zeng.