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Come to Chiayi for 2019 New Year Goods! Mommy Mayor Served New Year Dishes

  • PostDate:2019-01-23

January 23, 2019

Economic Affairs Department/Tourism and Information Department

        New Year Shopping Affair 2019 kicked off today. The initial press conference for the affair was held in the front square of Chenghuang Temple this morning. During the conference, Mayor Huang Min-hui awarded the medals to 10 stalls which won the prizes of “LOHAS Stall” evaluated by Ministry of Economic Affairs, and the certificates for the 4th leaders of Self Governing Association of Yonghe Stall Area, Chiayi City. In addition, Mayor Huang dressed up as a cook to serve the New Year dishes made from the ingredients sold in the markets, and invited the citizens to have a taste. Chiayi City is the shopping center among Yunlin, Chiayi, and Tainan, and is near to places of origin which result in the fresh and good ingredients, Mayor Huang referred. People can purchase not only what they want here, but in a promising price. Each stall also has a big sale.

        With creating and promotions, the atmosphere of New Year in traditional market would awake people to celebrate it, Mayor Huang indicated. This could also remind people of the prosperity and hospitality of Chiayi City. Apart from that, New Year Shopping Affair would increase consumers and performances of the stalls to enhance the economy of Chiayi, which might make Chiayi City a shopping center among Yunlin, Chiayi, and Tainan, and a new central city in western area. There are all kinds of New Year goods in the markets of Chiayi City, such as ingredients for New Year dishes, and New Year presents. Here, the goods can meet your needs for New Year shopping.

        New Year Shopping Affair 2019 lasts until Feb.4. It ranges from West Market, East Market, Gonghe Market, Beixing Market, Baoan Street Vendors, Yonghe Market, Chiayi Fish Market, Chiayi Fruits & Vegetables Market, to vendors of Chiayi City Farmers’ Association. The affair creates atmosphere of New Year through festive and diverse merchandizes.

        Working with Chiayi City Catering Labor Union, Mayor Huang served 10 New Year dishes made from the ingredients in the markets during the press conference. Beside New Year goods of the stalls displayed, Mayor Huang did candy giveaway in the front square of Chenghuang Temple to match the New Year atmosphere.