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Tsu Lo New Year Celebration 2019 Press Conference! Mayor Huang Invites Everyone to Visit Chiayi during New Year.

  • PostDate:2019-01-28

January 28, 2019

Cultural Affairs Bureau/ Civil Affairs Department/ Economic Affairs Department/ Intelligence Technologies Department/ Social Affairs Department/ Tourism and Information Department

        Chiayi City Government holds “Tsu Lo New Year Celebration 2019” serial activities from the beginning of the winter break to Lantern Festival. Mayor Huang Min-hui led the organization team of City Government to announce the activities for New Year in the 1F Great Hall of City Government today. As spokespeople for the activity “Love of Ceramic Forever” on Valentine’s Day this year, Mayor Huang and her husband Dr. Tsai Zong-you, who she’s married for more than 30 years, left their hand prints and signed on the koji pottery of love. Guangyi Lion Dance Team gave festive performances of lion dance and drum array.

        The bureaus and departments of City Government come up with creative ideas for the coming Pig Year. Cultural Affairs Bureau will hold red envelope giveaway in Wenhua Square on the 1st day of New Year. Also, New Year performances and a culture & creativity bazaar are arranged from the 1st to 3rd day. Tourism and Information Department organizes “Come to Chiayi for Spring Happiness.” Civil Affairs Department got “Gods Bless Chiayi” and “Old Town Lantern Festival” kicked off. Economic Affairs Department sends the invitation for New Year Shopping Street. Intelligence Technologies Department shows the smart street lights in Hinoki Village. Historical Relic Museum brings the initiation lamp lighting event and “Love of Ceramic Forever.”

        Economic of happiness is through combining traditional art and modern creativity, emphasizes Mayor Huang. This year, mark of love will be recorded by the local and traditional koji pottery designed by Lu Huang-cheng, son of the koji pottery master, Lu Sheng-nan. New creativity out of tradition lights the romance industry and boost the Economic of happiness.

        Fortunate Pig red envelopes will bless people with joys, Mayor Huang announced. She and the government team will give away 1,688 red envelopes of pig year in Wenhua Square from 10:30AM on the 1st day of New Year. They’ll also go to temples for giveaway. Fortunate Pig is the design for the red envelopes this year to bring lucks and fortunes. A culture & creativity bazaar kicks off in Wenhua Square from the 1st to the 3rd day of New Year. There will be performances of classical Chinese music and other music shows. In addition, festive DIY lessons will be provided.

        New Year Shopping Street lasts from Jan.23 to Feb.4. It takes place in West Market, East Market, Beixing Market, Baoan Market, and Vendor Areas of Gonghe Rd. and Yonghe St. The event also works with Chiayi Fish Market, Fruits & Vegetables Market, and City Farmers’ Association. Varieties of goods such as food, and clothes are all sold in the event. There are plenty of traditional snacks and souvenirs hidden in the valleys and the markets.

        Smart street lamps light on the smart trip. Dizang Temple as the center, City Government and NGOs set festive lanterns from Yunxiao Old Street, Hinoki Village, to Beimen Station for the old street trip and Lantern Festival. Cooperating with Lite-On, Intelligence Technologies Department has put up smart street lamps in Hinoki Village to provide services such as trip guidance, temporary environment monitor, and tourism information advertising.

        The lamp lighting event and the release koji pottery of love of Historical Relic Museum create romantic atmosphere. During the lamp lighting event, tourists are able to experience different styles of Japanese Jinja in the day and the night time. Koji Pottery of Love Event starts in Historical Relic Museum at 10AM on Feb.14. Discounted price $1,314 will be served through participating “Koji Pottery of Love Event + Historical Relic Museum Valentine’s Combo for 2 + Love Charm + Event Check-in.” Participants only for Koji Pottery of Love Event will be charged $700. The event is free for the first 10 couples who sign up online if they wear matching tops (signing-up website:

        Trip to Chiayi during New Year is a good deal. Line 1, 7, and 66 buses are free with e-ticket from Feb.1 to Mar.3. Line 66, Welcome to Chiayi Line, leads to tourist attractions in Chiayi. Public on-street parking stops charging from Feb.4 to Feb.8. From Feb.1 to Feb.10, passengers who take Taiwan Railway or intercity buses on the high speed road and transfer to general buses in 10 hours will have a discount of free ticket to the first 8 kilometers bus section. City Government has organized so many events and activities to celebrate the coming New Year and wishes people the best in this brand new year. Come to Chiayi to immerse into the charm of this city.