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Nagase Masatoshi, the KANO Coach, Has Become the Chiayi City Tourism Spokesman and Mayor Huang

  • PostDate:2020-02-17

February 13, 2020

Tourism and Information Department


        As the spokesman for the tourism video of Chiayi, the Japanese actor Nagase Masatoshi came to Taiwan on February 11, and showed up at the Museum of Old Taiwan Tiles today. February 11 happened to be his 37th anniversary for his acting career. Mayor Huang Min-hui welcomed Nagase with “Papaya”, and “No. 3 Banana”, which are the two best symbols in the movie KANO. She hopes the video with Nagase in it will make Japan and even the world to see Chiayi City.

        Huang recalled the memories with Nagase while shooting KANO in Liucuo area of Chiayi City. Nagase’s second visit to Chiayi City was for the movie premiere, and Huang as the Mayor back then welcomed him by rebuilding the scene of the KANO team returning. They walked from the train station, through the Central Fountain, where the bronze statue of Wu Ming-jie the pitcher stands, and at last to the baseball stadium. Around 2,000 people attended the premiere. Their 3rd encounter was when Huang went to Japan with Wang Chen-chu, the baseball player in Japan, for Osaka Asian Film Festival. We appreciate he shared our spirit with the public, so he’s always part of Chiayi.

        Huang genuinely appreciates Nagase’s promise for the shooting in Chiayi. It took 5 days for the 8 minutes long video because of his insistence of the quality. Chiayi City doesn’t lack beauties but discovery. Tourist industry needs a celebrity who also loves Chiayi to attract more visitors. The Museum of Old Taiwan Tiles has as well worked hard on this event to attract more visitors to Chiayi City.

        Nagase revealed that he promised the shooting to Chiayi City Government immediately. He recalled that he received loads of helps by the citizens during the shootings of KANO and this video, and he was very grateful and delightful. Chiayi City feels like his second hometown after the engagement he made with this city, so he’d try his best to contribute and savor the moment during the stay.

        With the assistance of Xu Jia-bin the museum curator, Huang and Nagase glazed the brick shaped as a peony. Nagase considerately helped Huang for the pictures shooting, which showed his professional attitude.

        Aside from the banana and the papaya which contain special meanings, Huang also surprised and presented Nagase with wood-burning pictures of their portraits. The picture was taken during the inauguration of Kondo Hyotaro’s monument in Matsuyama, Japan in October, 2014. Huang, Nagase and the cast of KANO were all invited to the event.

        Nagase, who loves photography, has brought his professional equipment for the trip in Chiayi City as a photographer. He planned to catch the natural sceneries, urban views, history, art, local food, traditions, and modern creativities of Chiayi City by his camera.

        The sunlight is the best tool to kill the Wuhan Virus. Chiayi City where the Tropic of Cancer passes through has warm sunlight and hospitality. Everyone is welcome to experience the beauty of Chiayi City on this shooting occasion.