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A Man, 71 from Australia, Shows Kind and Warm Heart While Graving the Stone Weighing 3 Tons

  • PostDate:2020-02-18

February 16, 2020

Cultural Affairs Bureau/ Tourism and Information Department


        Do you want to see the old tobacco factory covered in white? You can’t miss the Chiayi International Stone Sculpture Symposium 2020 if you want to see the view. The 5 participants have been working on their works since the opening on February 12. The venue is now covered with stone powders which are white as snow. Silvio Apponyi, 71 from Australia, is one of the artists who have participated in this event. He took off his mask and got a mini handmade sculpture to a child who was watching him with interest. His warm heart made the child’s family’s day.

        Holding the model of the creation for this event, Apponyi explained that the final work would look like a monkey’s face from the front and two monkeys snuggling with each other from the back. His work will represent the core value of creation, which is “keeping warm together”. Someone told Apponyi that the unfinished work looked like a heart from the back, and he replied: “Really? You’ve got imagination.”

        As the eldest amongst the participants, Apponyi has been doing his work at the tobacco factory in the daytime and also finished a small sculpture of 9 fish with his small graver. According to Cultural Affairs Bureau, Silvio Apponyi, the Australian artist, is famous for his realistic style and good at enhancing the visualization of a work based on the stone texture. For this event in Chiayi City, however, Apponyi tried a new style, which was simple, impressionistic, and warmer.

        Five artists from Kosovo, Ukraine, Australia, Chiayi and Nantou were invited to the Chiayi International Stone Sculpture Symposium 2020, whose opening ceremony was hosted by Mayor Huang Min-hui, at the old tobacco factory. According to Huang, Chiayi City is the home to stone monkeys, and art connects our lives. With education, the stone sculpture leads us to the globe and innovation. The 5 artists inspire creativities among children and make the local stone sculpture worldwide known. Everyone should head outsides to communicate with the artists and allow art to heal our spirits.

        The organizer Zhang Shu-wei states that he hopes different faces of Chiayi situated in the Tropic of Cancer will be presented through the artists. Stone monkey is a specific topic, and the 5 artists with different styles would show abstract, realistic or impressionistic artworks. They will unveil their ideas through the process of the sculpture after facing their own voices deep down. Everyone is welcome to the old tobacco factory to experience the charm of stone monkeys.

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