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The Traditional One-Year-Old Catch Brings Blessings from Chenghuang and Wenchang for Children

  • PostDate:2020-02-27

February 22, 2020

Social Affairs Department/ Civil Affairs Department/ Tourism and Information Department


        Organized by Love Parent-Child Center, co-organized by Chenghuang Temple, and sponsored by Fu-Tian-Fu Social Welfare Foundation, the “Chenghuang and Wenchang One-year-old Catch Event 2020” was held at the Child Welfare Service Center today. The one-year-old babies, who wore tiger hats and tiger shoes, along with their parents experienced the traditional ceremony. Mayor Huang Min-hui appreciates Love Parent-Child Center and Chenghuang Temple for allowing parents to show love to their children and for making children receive the blessings of growing up safely. It was nice of those parents who participated in the event under the pressure of the epidemic.

        We’re on this together at this moment, Huang said. We wish Chenghuang God and Wenchang King would grant us safety and grant the wisdom to the babies. This event was also charitable for we did good deeds for the babies. Before entering, everyone had to take a temperature and undergo the disinfection. Children who didn’t feel well weren’t allowed to attend the event even if they had signed up. Under such pressure, the organizer had collected numerous tools for cleaning and disinfection. Hopefully, everyone could actually practice the self- management of health, avoid handshaking and wash hands more often.

        “I was so worried that there wouldn’t be enough participants for the event,” said Wong Zi-ming, the Curator of Love Parent-Child Center. “However, there were still many parents who wanted to attend the event. We’d collected the alcohol for two weeks and gave one bottle to each family for the disinfection.”

        Every parent has the great expectation on their children. The objects for the one-year-old catch covered pens, abacuses, coins, books and so on. They all contain good meanings and would bless the babies and keep them safe. The catch is the first formal ceremony for babies, and will leave a good memory in their lives.

        The organizer offered the opportunity for some disadvantaged families to sign up the event for free. The rest sign-up fee will donate to Chenghuang Temple as the charitable funds for the disadvantaged families.

        “Seeing the children is seeing our future.” The City Government has always been dedicating to the children welfares. As a result, Huang values the execution of the policies for the children of Chiayi City, and strives to make Chiayi City a child-friendly city.