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Chiayi City Has Releases a New Tourism Program and Hotels Offer Different Discounts

  • PostDate:2020-03-02

February 26, 2020

Tourism and Information Department


        The spreading novel coronavirus (COVID – 19) keeps striking the tourism, and Chiayi City Government has collaborated with the hotel industries and released the new program to make the tourist industry thrive. The press conference took place at Kuan Hotel today, and the hotels tried to attract more customers by executing the sanitization and offering discounts. To celebrate the new program practiced, they also held a competition of electric cars for kids during the conference.

        “The sunlight in southern Taiwan is a natural sanitizer, so outdoor activities are comparatively safe,” said Chiayi City Mayor Huang Min-hui. “The hotels in Chiayi City have done the sanitization carefully, and the new tourist program deserves people’s visits to Chiayi.” Huang went further to state that the City Government started checking the resources and reported the suggestions of different firms to the Central Government. The Legislative Yuan has passed the Epidemic Prevention and Thriving Act yesterday, and Chiayi City will suggest the Central to cut down house tax for relevant businesses and offer the subsidy as the vehicle license tax cut-down policy.

        According to Chiayi City Government, hotels are allowed to apply the tax reduction from 3% to 2% with the closed business floor to the Finance and Taxation Bureau. Taxpayers influenced by the epidemic are allowed to apply the extended due time plan or installment plan for license tax, amusement tax, land value tax, and house tax. Public Health Bureau has organized 5 courses for the catering and hotels to implement the sanitization and follow the Program to Enhance Human Resources made by Tourism Bureau, Ministry of Transportation and Communications.

        According to Yan Yong-ming, Director-General of Chiayi Hotel Association, the hotels have fulfilled the sanitization to provide visitors a safe and pleasant trip, and have even released numerous discount events. The 14 hotels which offer the discounts include: Ever Delightful Business Hotel, Tsun Huang Hotel, Yuh Tong Hotel, Hotel Hi Chuiyang, Liyaou Hotel, Hotel Discover, Orange Hotel, Chiayi Guanzhi, Kuan Hotel, Lookroyal Resort, Lan Kwai Fong Garden Hotel, and Day+ Hotel. Each has released its own discount program and some even get you a free lunch.

        According to Zhang Wan-fen, Director of Tourism and Information Department, the most anticipated annular eclipse will occur on June 21. It is estimated that astronomy enthusiasts will gather in Chiayi City, which will give a boost to the tourism. The construction of cycling lanes, the baseball stadium square, grass slide slope, and Lantan Scenery will be completed by the end of this year. Chiayi City will organize tourist events and provide the tourists a wonderful environment.

        The competition of electric cars for kids during the press conference symbolized the start of the new tourism program. The organizer did the sanitization before the event began. Huang and the other guests cheered for the kids while they competing each other by their electric cars.