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Loophole Is Not Allowed during the Epidemic Prevention, and Chiayi City Conducts the Advocacy toward

  • PostDate:2020-03-11

March 9, 2020

Social Affairs Department/ Tourism and Information Department


        As the COVID-19 epidemic keeps spreading globally, the number of cases in Taiwan has topped over 40, one of which is a migrant caretaker. So as to make more migrant workers and new immigrants understand the importance of epidemic prevention and to avoid the loophole resulted from ignorance, the Social Affairs Department of Chiayi City Government and the Family Service Center for Foreign Spouses have conducted the advocacy to them. Both provide instant epidemic information or notify them through social media such as LINE or Facebook, so that the migrant workers and new immigrants could hold the firsthand information.

        According to Social Affairs Department, the prevention has to be done immediately. To take care of the migrant workers, the advocacy is conducted in several ways. The agencies should inform the employers or workers through line groups. The related information is sent through emails. Social Affairs Department will also conduct the advocacy during the visit to the immigrant workers after arrival.

        Apart from the immigrant workers, it is also important to let the new immigrants learn about the epidemic prevention. According to Xu, the Director of Family Service Center for Foreign Spouses, many new immigrants receive messages through the Internet; hence, the multilingual policies made for the epidemic can be delivered through the social media such as Facebook pages. For example, the picture of Mayor Huang Min-hui, which shows the multilingual slogan “Hand greet, No Hand Shake, and Frequent Hand Wash”, makes new immigrants from different countries learn about the importance and policies of epidemic prevention. In addition, the lectures held through gathering are all halted due to the spreading virus, so as to avoid local transmission. The Family Service Center for Foreign Spouses will sanitize the dorms regularly and practice temperature taking and sanitizer spreading to those who enter.

        The fever of COVID-19 keeps rising and the world has strived to prepare for it. The City Government has changed the policy for epidemic prevention from “siege” into “determinate” because of the high possibility of local transmission.