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The Exquisite “Manhattanhenge” Will Show Up in Chiayi City during the 10 to the 12 of March for Only

  • PostDate:2020-03-11

March 10, 2020

Tourism and Information Department


        Watch out, sun enthusiasts! The anticipated event “Manhattanhenge” will show up in Chiayi City during March 10 to 12. The best duration of shooting is from 5:30 to 6 in the afternoon. Photographers and enthusiasts from different places will gather in this spot. According to the forecast of Central Weather Bureau, the best spot and duration to observe the event is Minzu Road (west to Wenhua Road) and the late afternoon during March 10 to 12. The sun henge event will last roughly from 5:44 to 6:04 today, and everyone will see it if there’s no cloud. The City Government reminds people not to violate the traffic rules just for the observation and shooting. The veranda and overpass are good choices for the event.

        The storage of a photographer’s camera is always occupied rapidly for the exquisite “Manhattanhenge”. The streets of grid pattern in Chiayi City resemble the ones in Manhattan, New York, which make the perfect spot for the sun henge. The “Manhattanhenge” earned its reputation because of the very sunset sinking right between two buildings in Manhattan. The streets of grid pattern in Chiayi City happen to meet the conditions for sun henge. There are some tips for you to know if you want to shoot or film the event. According to the professional photographer Hong Nian-hong, the duration of less than 20 minutes for shooting is rather short due to the rapid sunset, so focus on the sun itself or the spot between two buildings and increase the exposure value; make use of the anamorphic lens through a single-lens reflex camera and you’ll get an astonishing photo of the sun as a big yolk.

        Furthermore, people can follow the exact time and location of the sunset through the app “Sun Position Map” whose information is nearly accurate. It also offers the best spot to observe the sunset.

        The strong light from the sun would still hurt your eyes even though it lasts for dozens of minutes. Avoid focusing on the sun for too long and wear sunglasses. According to Hong, the overpass on Chuiyang Road, Central Fountain on Zhongshan Road, and Minzu Road (west to Wenhua Road) are the perfect spots for the sun henge. Many would face the west on the Chuiyang overpass for shooting since the sun would sink right in the west.

        Many would risk their safety to take photos of the beautiful sun henge. The City Government has reminded people not to violate the traffic rules. For more information about the sun henge, go to the website of Central Weather Bureau (