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Mayor Min-hui Huang Invites You to the Chiayi International Art Doc Film Festival 2020

  • PostDate:2020-03-13

March 11, 2020

Cultural Affairs Bureau/ Art Museum/ Tourism and Information Department


        This year is the 7th CIADFF (Chiayi International Art Doc Film Festival), which stresses on “art recording” field and reveals the diverse faces of images. The festival is during March 13 to 29, and the films will be played in the lecture hall of Cultural Affairs Bureau on each Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Mayor Min-hui Huang attended the press conference in Chiayi and invited to come and look for the inspiration sparked by the art in this film festival.

        The art creation makes the world know about Chiayi City, stated Mayor Huang. We appreciate Ming-chuan Huang and his team for bringing the most realistic and precious art documentaries back to Chiayi City, Taiwan to make people discuss over the real difficulty and situation in this society. The International Art Doc Film Festival originated from Chiayi and has gained its reputation from Chiayi.

        Art Director Huang revealed that the media in Taipei wondered why Chiayi City could host an international film festival for 7 years. According to Art Director Huang, the answer is the tradition and culture of Chiayi. Director Huang urges everyone to attend CIADFF to see the best international art documentaries. Director Huang also introduced a director and artist Kuang-yu Tsui, who filmed numerous documentaries in the 90s and earned the reputation from Europe. The “self-filming” works are also firstly elected for an international film festival to challenge the definition of documentary and filming. We have to learn how to see ourselves through watching our own works in the time when creativities are usually unapproved.

        The CIADFF his year gives attention to Indian documentaries and other works of humanism. There are also incredible contemporary images which deserve us Taiwanese to explore from Turkey, the ancient Eurasian nation.

        According to Chiayi Art Museum, the films are divided into 8 groups: “Performance/ Art”, “Spectrum of India”, “Inside Turkey”, “Momentum of Senses”, “Resistance to All”, “Thinking Revolution”, “Risk or R.I.P.”, and “Fire in Heart”. There are in total 46 works participating.

        The opening ceremony takes place at the square of the Cultural Affairs Bureau. There are also 6 promotion screenings in 25x40 Café and Chiayi Old Prisons.

        The lectures during the film festival include two campus lectures and two topic lectures. The two campus lectures are held individually in Nanhua University and National Chiayi University. The topic lectures are the extensions of “Spectrum of India” hosted by the Indian director Rafeeq Ellias and “Performance/ Art” hosted by Professor Peini Hsieh. Artists including Kuang-yu Tsui, Yao-jia Gan, and Yu-xiang Zheng will take the interview for us to attend.

        The show during the press conference was performed by Glove Puppetry Master Ming-long Huang. The show, which earned the big applause, was about the epidemic and defeating Wen Shen (God of Diseases).

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