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The Awards of the Photo and Pyrography Contests for the Band Festival, which Represents Chiayi City

  • PostDate:2020-03-18

March 14, 2020

Cultural Affairs Bureau/ Tourism and Information Department


        Chiayi City International Band Festival 2019 has come to the end. There are 1,088 entries for the photo contest of the festival, and 34 of them have been chosen as winners. Since Chiayi City is also known as the Wood City, the City Government held the first pyrography contest, which received 27 entries and 14 of which was chosen as winners. In each of the two contests, one is chosen for the golden prize, two for silver, three for bronze, and the rest for honorable mention and quality works. The awarding ceremony, which numerous guests also attended to, took place at the City Hall, and Mayor Min-hui Huang was in Charge of awarding the prizes. Chiayi Wind Orchestra also brought a wonderful performance during the ceremony.

        Huang states art touches our hearts and the Band Festival has to be popularized for it represents Chiayi City. With the limited budget, the City Government earned the honor of hosting the WASBE World Conference 2011. Seeing the photos for the contest, it felt like back in the day for Huang. We appreciate the judges of the photo contest: Wen-yan Lin, Cun-xiong Jiang, and Chao-pang Hsu; the judges of the pyrography contest: Zhao-fang Huang, Feng-rong Liu, and Zhe Chen.

        Beauty of Circle by Kun-fu Wu earned the golden prize for the photo contest. The photo caught the scene of student orchestra members circling from down below, the golden colors of brass instruments. The golden prize for the pyrography contest, Aspiring Youth/ Thundering Life by Shu-min Li, has a strong structure of contrast vision made by a successful technique. Li has been learning pyrography for almost a year and she fell in love with it. As for the work, she sketched the picture of the band with pencils first and then repeated the burning process for more than 10 times to build the strong structure.

        Silver prizes of the photo contest: Belgian Band by Zhao-jun Liu which shows the interaction between the foreign band members with Chiayi citizens; Adorable Band by Guo-feng Chen which records the adorable children from kindergartens. Bronze prizes: Mommies Participating in Marching Carnival by Ren-fa Wu; International Band Festival by Yi-hua Zeng catches the image of band members in pink; Hilarious Performances by Nian-hong Hing shows the foreign band member using the traffic cone as a speaker.

        Silver prizes of the pyrography contest: Heartbeat of the Universe by Chun-yan Chen which has a meaningful content on the theme of “circle”; Journey of Melody by Yi-han Su which the organized piano keyboard on a simple background. Bronze prizes: Song/ Zhi by Song-zhi Wong which matches the author’s name and is structured with dynamic lines; Fantasy of Music by Jia-ru Wang has a dark background and a white subject to emphasize the contrary; Forest Animals Symphony by Rou-xing Jiang shows a dynamic humor with the forest background.

        For the photo contest, the golden prize earns you 20 thousand, 15 thousand for a silvery, and 10 thousand for a bronze. As for the pyrography contest, the golden one earns you 30 thousand, 15 thousand for a silvery, and 10 for a bronze. There are 10 quality works for the photo contest and each earns 8 thousand; 14 honorable mentions, 5 thousand to each. There are 3 quality works for the pyrography contest, each of which can earn 5 thousand; 3 honorable mentions and 3 thousand to each.

        People are able to see the winning works at the 1st floor of City Hall from now on until March 29 (8AM to 5:30PM).