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The Creative and Simple Crafts in Chiayi and the Congratulations from Mayor Huang to the Newly Open

  • PostDate:2020-03-25

March 21, 2020

Economic Affairs Department/ Cultural Affairs Bureau/ Tourism and Information Department


        Koji pottery, stone monkey, and pinch pot used to be the three main crafts of Chiayi City. Peach City Pot Crafts Store, located on Zhongzheng Road of Chiayi City, was firstly open today. Chiayi City Mayor Min-hui Huang brought her executive team to congratulate on the opening. The team included: Director of Economic Affairs Department Guang-xing Chen, Deputy Director-general of Cultural Affairs Bureau Jin-long Lin, and Deputy Director of Tourism and Information Department Jing-rong Xie. Huang appreciates Qing-ren Li, the owner of Peach City Pot Crafts Store, for passing down the pinch pot crafting.

        According to Huang, Zhongshan Road was known as “the main route” while Zhongzheng as “the second route”, and both of them are the common memories of Chiayi City. She genuinely appreciates Qing-ren Li for starting a pot crafts store on “the second route” to light up the shopping area of Zhongzheng Road. There isn’t only the delicate tea from Ali Mountain but also an outstanding technique of teapot making in Chiayi. Through the creations by local craftsmen, the heritage can therefore be passed down and exist in our lives.

        Qing-ren Li, the owner of Peach City Pot Crafts Store, is a neighborhood chief at the service and the warm-hearted superintendent of Fangchun Apartment. He’s been learning the pot making for over 3 decades. Hoping to pass down the craft making from his master, he made up his mind to transform the store into the Peach City Pot Crafts Store in memory of the prosperity of the old Zhongzheng Road, the second route. The store offers a stage for the craftsmen in Chiayi to exhibit their works, which will attract attentions of visitors and make people know about the technique of Chiayi City. Most of the artists in the crafts store are the members of the Pinch Pot Association, and there’ll be totally 300 pieces of works by 25 local artists.

        The works in the store are handmade from Taiwanese local soil without machines. Every single piece of them is a unique work with passions and unlimited ideas. There’s one work of Zen which shows a monk meditating. It was made when the creator was upset and tried to let the emotion out. The crafts store is started to make the pot making more popular and to bring the artistic atmosphere into Chiayi.

        The owner Qing-ren Li gifted Mayor Huang a handmade teapot after the press conference. It requires specific techniques to make a delicate handmade teapot like this for tea making and decoration.