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Come to Chiayi for the Big White Bear Instead of Kumamon in Japan during the Pandemic

  • PostDate:2020-03-26

March 22, 2020

Tourism and Information Department


        The Central Epidemic Command Center recommends people not to travel abroad during the pandemic. People, however, can’t stay at home all day without going out, so they should go to Chiayi City. There are gorgeous pictures on Facebook pages of Mayor Min-hui Huang and Tourism and Information Department “Zoom in Chiayi”. You can take adorable pictures with the Big White Bear in Sleeping Forest without going abroad. In Chiayi, you can taste turkey rice, cold noodles with mayonnaise, fish head, starfruit ice, and other street foods. You can also pay a visit to Lantan, Alishan Forest Railway, and other tourist attractions.

        It’s a good way of strengthening immune system and keeping in good mood to go outside. Chiayi City is the best option for a small trip within the nation. This city has foods, landscapes, and hospitality. The Chiayi City Government has practiced all the measurements for precaution, so people can relieve and come to Chiayi for a small trip. We should all care about our health, wash hands, avoiding touching faces, and wear masks and keep distance in the crowded public.

        Relax, do regular exercise, and try to be optimistic. Come to Chiayi for fun instead of going abroad.


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