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The Announcement of Chiayi Art Museum’s Visual Identity: An Art Museum with People Participating in

  • PostDate:2020-03-27

March 25, 2020

Chiayi Art Museum/ Tourism and Information Department


        Features of Chiayi in the Art Museum can be discovered from visual design. Chiayi Art Museum, which will be open in 2020, has announced the latest visual identity today. Based on the concept of “+1 (Chiayi)”, the logo is combined with the images of “Gate of Culture” and the bird's-eye view of the Art Museum. Chi-Huan Chuang, the designer of WHITEr Design Studio, turned the “+1” concept into a symbol which is presented as the stereoscopic “Gate of Culture”. It shows the “entrance” image for citizens to participate in the activities of the Art Museum and to learn more about the culture. As a platform, Chiayi Art Museum has creates a space of art for people to take part in.

        Yi-sin Lai, the curator of the Art Museum, mentioned the colors used in the logo which has been released. The pink of “Peach City” and dark brown of “Wood City” are the two main colors, each of which represents a feature of Chiayi Art Museum. The dark brown symbolizes tradition and simplicity while the pink symbolizes the energy of the modern “Peach City”. The spirit of old “Painting City” with history connects the contemporary ideas. In the future, more colors of diversity will be presented with the “+1”.

        Lai also said that she had something in mind about building the visual identity for Chiayi Art Museum. Apart from asking a designer to visualize the core value, she also wished a mutual understanding between the visitors, artists and the staff. In order to make it happen, the “Staff Consensus Workshop” and the “Art Group Forum” were held last year in the beginning of the process.

        The official Facebook page of the Art Museum was also updated after the announcement. The playful pattern now shows the gathering “1s” for the new visual identity, which stands for that each individual is part of the “1s”. The monthly magazine, Out‧Frame, of the Art Museum in April will also introduce the details about the designing process. For more information, please go to the Facebook page of Chiayi Art Museum ( The Art Museum has also revealed that there will be releasing more merchandise related to the visual identity such as pins, mugs, and fans.